Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Essie Summer 2011 Sneak Peek!

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OK so I managed to score a couple of the Essie Summer colours - no, Essie didn't send them to me *cough*wouldlovetoreviewResort*cough* - but I was really excited to get them! I first saw a picture of the Essie Summer colours on Musings from Manhattan and I was lucky enough to get my hands on bottles of the three that I was most interested in. Check it out!

Meet Me At Sunset:

I unexpectedly LOVED this one! I've always kind of wanted an orange polish - but one that I could still pull off with say a grey suit and not look like a crazy person that just came from a kids birthday party. I think this is it - it is a little more subdued in person than in the picture. It has quite a few drops of red in it, which I think make it more wearable.


And I unexpectedly HATED this one! I thought this was going to be my orange winner, but no. I thought from the initial photos that this one was a cream, but it actually has pink shimmer running throughout that you can see on the bottle, but is quite imperceptible on the nail. I am just not loving this with my skin - it looks like carrot paste. I can see this looking *fabulous* on someone with darker skin though. This needs to find a new home.

Absolutely Shore:

I saved the best for last!!! I've never done well with minty greens - they give me lobster hands and tend to look really garish. This one however, is a total winner! It is the palest of pale mint greens with a dab of blue and a touch of grey. It is so delicate and pretty and I love the way it looks with my skin. I can't wait to wear this over and over! Heck, I'll even be sporting it in winter!

The collection drops in June - any of the Essie Summer colours speaking to you??


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Olive Dani said...

absolutely shore is so pretty and twice as awesome because I often (intentionally) substitute "sure" with "shore"

Honey_lili said...

I'm a sucker for orange polish and I have to say I love Brazilliant ! How many coats did you use ?
And Absolutely Shore is cute too. I need to get more Essie's

Savannah said...

I'm usually not a fan of orange, but Braziliant sounds interesting to me and of course Absolutely Sure is a must!

Geo58 said...

k2k: I can really start to understand what the real difference in color shades in nail polish from this example and why you don't like Essie's "Brazilliant," over "Meet Me at Sunset," the darker and richer red tones come through on "Meet Me..." than in "Brazilliant!" I never seen this effect in any polish that was so slightly different before. In the past I would just say there both are dazzling red nail polishes however they are not. I just learned something new today, amazing! thank you, LOL

Plus, your right, Essie's Absolutely Shore is a clean winner for mint green and love the color.


Mc Huggs :)

Laura said...

Meet Me at Sunset looks nearly identical to what I'm wearing today: Essie Lacquered Up!

Madita said...

I NEED Absolutely Shore. NEED. I didn't think I'd get any of the upcoming Essie polishes, to be honest, but I have a soft spot for minty colours.

Lesley said...

absolutely shore is perfect!

Piff said...

I DIE! I want that first one so bad.

kittytokaren said...

@Dani - Haha that's cute!! Sounds like you're destined to have the polish!

@Honey_lili - That was two coats of Brazilliant - great opacity!

@Savvy - Excellent! I'm glad that you see something you like! I think Brazilliant would look fabulous on so many people.

@Geo58 - Thank you!! I think that in person the differences between Brazilliant and Meet Me At Sunset would be more apparent - when you see the colour move in the light its very different. Maybe a video would have been better?

@Laura - I'd say in person ALU is much more red, whereas Meet Me At Sunset is definitely an orange in person. ALU is so gorgeous - I bet you're rocking it!!

@Madita - AhhH!! I've never had a minty colour work for me, but I love them, so I'm also super excited about it :)

@Lesley - Agreed!

@Piff - OMG it would look drop dead gorgeous on you! I love it.


Lucy said...

I just can't see the green in that polish. It looks more grey to me. I love any shade of green. I'm suprised at these Essie. Also glad. Tired of all the pale and sheer shades. I like the first two shades. So nice and bright. I rarely wear oranges. I'll have to try this one. I think all three look wonderful on you. Carrot paste is funny!

Grace said...

I am swooning over that mint green! So delicate and not at all chalky looking. I love it!

kittytokaren said...

@Lucy - It might be your monitor - that's the unfortunate thing with computers is that not everyone is going to see the exact same thing. Very frustrating when it comes to colour! BUT it is a very very very pale green. Their whole summer collection is quite bright and punchy!

@Grace - I know!! And it applied super nicely as well, which is fantastic. (These pics were taken without clean-up.)Hate chalky application more than anything!


Alison said...

Absolutely Shore is beautiful and I will most certainly be getting on it asap!

sparris said...

Braziliant was the most intriguing to me, not a color combo I see every day, and that always seems to draw me in-the odd-ness of a polish. =)

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