Tuesday, May 1, 2012

THEME WEEK - My Favourite Red

OPI a Good Man-darin is hard to find

The more observant amongst you may notice that the 'red' I am showing you is, technically speaking...orange. But my subject is political science and we specialise in explaining why black is in fact white in certain lights, so I will now proceed to tell you why I am right and OPI is wrong.

I don't wear red nail polish. There, I said it! I occasionally wear reds on my toes, but of all the colours in my stash, reds and pinks are the shades I own fewest of. Being a pale (natural) blonde, I find pure reds too bold for me. However, coral reds, poppy reds (which is what I would classify this as, and that's the story I'm sticking to) and berry reds I like very much. In fact, my favourite lipstick is MAC 'So Chaud' (which I believe is also technically an orange, but it reads as a retro matte poppy on me), and this polish is a great compliment to it, as shown above.

So, back to my favourite 'red'. It was released with the Hong Kong collection in 2010. This is four coats, since although it's creamy, it's a tiny bit sheer and I wanted to make sure the finish was perfect, as befits a favourite. It's a really wonderful, happy colour.

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Unknown said...

Lovely color!

Elaine said...

Ilexica, I love it,it is bright & happy!
With my skin tone I can get away with classic red, but I seem to reach for Illamasqua Alarm, which is orangy. It is my favorite. :-)

The Lacquer Tracker said...

"But my subject is political science and we specialise in explaining why black is in fact white in certain lights, so I will now proceed to tell you why I am right and OPI is wrong."

Hahaha, as a graduate student in Political Studies, this cracked me up. Note that I said Political Studies, not Political Science... my department decided to change the terminology several years back, and this makes me a little sad, because I prefer to think of myself as a scientist. You know, wearing a white lab coat, and doing SCIENCE. It just seems so much more exciting than "Political Studies". ;)

Oh, and lovely polish choice, by the way! I wavered on this back when it first came out, and ended up just getting Jade is the New Black. I love your swatches of this, and now I'm thinking I should have picked it up, too. Thanks for sharing!

Katie said...

Was the Hong Kong collection really in 2010? Wow, that seems like so long ago. I could swear that the Hong Kong collection only came out last year....

So this is what it's like being an addict to something. XD

Grace Thomas said...

Bethany - it is really nice. Good for summer.

Elaine - thank you! I was fibbing a little, I do wear reds occasionally, but nearly always sparkly reds. I love Alarm but it stains really badly on me. This is definitely in the same vein although I'd say slightly more orange and less coral.

Lacquer Tracker - I didn't realise you were polsci too! Nice to 'meet' you! I have a BA in Political Science which is just so ridiculous it's untrue, and reflects as you might imagine the fact that the department had a big argument about positivism and decided to settle on that as the compromise. So daft. What's your field? And I would definitely recommend AGMIHTF - I also have JITNB and personally I prefer this :)

Katie - I know, time passes quickly when you're a hopeless sucker for polish :)

Ami said...

your nails and this polish are beautiful.

The Lacquer Tracker said...

Haha, the whole thing is kind of hilarious... in my case the positivism debate eventually caused a schism in the Political Studies/Economics department, and now they've separated into two separate departments (presumably citing irreconcilable differences). ;)

I'm currently writing my Masters thesis on Canadian immigration, with particular focus on the provincial models in place to handle immigration (immigration is somewhat of a grey area where federal and provincial jurisdictions are concerned). I'm looking more specifically at the different expectations for integration, both from an economic and cultural standpoint, which raises some interesting questions. Mostly my research has been comprised of interviewing cultural organizations, settlements service providers, bureaucrats and politicians (oh my gosh, trying to get a politician to give you a straight answer regarding anything remotely related to culture is an impossible feat), as well as looking at the recent profusion of immigration consulting businesses that have sprung up everywhere to profit off the whole mess.

Wow, that got a little lengthy. But that's it in a nutshell. I'm all done my coursework for my degree, but have been stalling on finishing my thesis. It's always the self-directed work that is the hardest... it's more fun to just write about nail polish, isn't it? *sigh*

Grace Thomas said...

Ami - thank you lady!

Lacquer tracker - I know, it's a bit insane. For my part, I'm a constructivist who teaches quants. I try not to think about it.

That sounds really interesting. I've done a bit of work on Canada (mostly comparisons with Spain considering regional identity) but I'm mostly a Europeanist. I know what you mean about self motivation - I'm currently having to get my family to bribe and punish me in order to force me to finish this damn degree!

Unknown said...

Ahhh, this sort of orangey-red never works on my yellow skin. Orange and red are both ok, but somehow when they combine it's just weird-looking. Kind of sad, especially since I come from Hong Kong, that collection just mocks me... :(

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