Saturday, October 27, 2012

Models Own Utopia

I wanted this for ages. It applies nicely (this was three coats, but it was mostly fine with two) and looks nice. It's kind of a berry yoghurt colour. I was kind of hoping it might be a bit I had in mind a slightly more grey/white shade. Like a baby elephant colour.

Dunno whether to franken this or swap it.

On another note, I love slanting Autumn light for nail pics - better make the most of it before the Winter fug descends in earnest!

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Natalia A said...

The polish is so delicate, your nails are perfect, and the light makes the pictures look so artistic!

beachgal said...

If the formula is fab I would use it for a will do a lot of what White cream won't in a Franken. Also could use it to blend other shades you have lined up for skittle mani. I find adding a light base to each of the skittle shades, makes them all line up a lot nicer.

Unknown said...

lovely color!

Grace Thomas said...

@ Natalia - thanks! I love this time of year for photography, it's my absolute favourite. Now the clocks have gone back i'm going to struggle a bit more to get daylight - I think all my swatches will be done on my working from home day!

@beachgal - oooh, good ideas! I will definitely try that. Thanks!!

@ Glamorous girl - thanks, it is really pretty - not one I would typically wear but it does work nicely.

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