Friday, October 12, 2012

OPI The Man With The Golden Gun

I've been drooling over this since the promo pics came out. Happily I can report that I'm still drooling. I mean...look at that bottle!! 18K gold flakes! And I am *such* a sucker for anything gold. It's as if OPI trespassed into my dreams. As soon as this delicious bottle arrived in the mail, I slapped it on over the mani I was rocking at the time - Essie Bahama Mama....

The formula on this is really easy to work with and smooth. This was two "coats". I say "coats" because its easier to get the flakes of gold off if you kind of dab at the nail as opposed to paint. It all levels out nicely. Unfortunately it does not dry as shiny as I'd like, so I did add another topcoat after all was said and done to bring back the intense shine. I think it also helped the golden flakes to pop more!

I think I'd like this *even better* over a darker colour - like OPI Lincoln Park After Dark or a really deep green. I also think I preferred the look with fewer gold flakes, but I did want to show it off to you guys so perhaps I went a little overboard. :P

So, this thing is expensive. But in my opinion, worth it. It's utterly fabulous. Will you be investing in a bottle?


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keijtieloves said...

its amazing :)

Little Miss Nailpolish said...

Looks gorgeous!
Where did u get yours from?

M. Fourey said...!

Niki said...

i seriously need to get this! very cool!

Grace said...

It *is* pretty awesome looking. I've been going back and forth... I have Essie As Gold As It Gets, which is definitely more densely packed with much smaller flakes than this, judging by your swatch, so it's just a matter of whether that difference is enough to justify the cost. I'm pretty psyched for the Skyfall collection actually, so it may just wind up in my shopping cart with a few of the others.

Nailderella said...

your combo looks really pretty and you make me want this polish even more than I wanted

Beyond Blush said...

really pretty combo!

beachgal said...

I have received 1 of the 3 bottles I ordered - the other 2 will be here tomorrow. I waited until they all are here before opening to try as I want to open the bottle that has the worst manufacture box condition - thinking of it being so rare - want to protect my investment. I 'heard' the Zoya one is sold out? Have to look on line myself - I did kind of think of getting that one because I was not a fan of the Sephora for OPI 18kt that came out this past summer - it's just a gold glitter - but those early OPI promo photos got me. I was sure MWGG would be much different and really look like gold flake. I also was not thrilled to have to get the white and black you have to buy to pick up the Zoya gold - I have yet to see any blogger photos of the Zoya gold one to see how it looks on the nail - I need to hunt and see - someone must have photoed it now - though it was not due for release until Oct 15th as I recall. So glad I have my bottle of this. I also picked up Casino Royale just because it looked so great under the MWGG OPI promo photo! I am loving the You Only Live Twice the mot out of Sky fall. It's different than any glass flecked magenta I have - a magical touch of red raspberry to it.

Deborah - Love. Varnish, chocolate and more... said...

Even though it is very pretty, I just don't feel like laying down so much money for a polish!

Reina del Noche said...

against my better judgement... Yes, i probably will be getting this, hahaha.

Lucy said...

I'm seriously tempted :)

pengboo said...

yes...I just got mine off Ebay

Lucy said...

This collection has kind of passed me by but that's so pretty (and I love the bottle!)

kittytokaren said...

@keljtieloves - I think so too!

@Little Miss Nailpolish - I got mine from ebay - ticklepink4u was the seller. They are fantastic.

@Criminal Nails - Yay!!

@Niki - I think you do too :)

@Grace - I wish Essie AGAIG was less dense. I'm pretty pumped for Skyfall too - I have a few on pre-order :)

@Nailderella - Aww thanks! I like the combo too but I can't wait to try it over more things!

@OPI Addict - Thank you!

@beachgal - Dang girl you are going all out!! Are you planning on keeping them to sell later when they are super HTF?

@Deborah - It IS really expensive. That was my issue too and I waffled back and forth, but eventually caved. I got it for $25.

@Reina - Exactly how I felt.

@Lucy - *pushes you towards the edge of getting it*

@pengboo - Wheee! Let me know if you love love it and what your fav combo is!

@Lucy (other Lucy!) - The bottle really suckered me in...have to admit.


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