Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Crowstoes: Frog's Breath

I recently met some new online acquaintances to play games with (yay!) and asked what color I should do next for my next manicure (this is how I figure it out most of the time when I have no earthly clue, I asked my friends). So, dedicated to a new friend, Cody! Crowstoes Frog's Breath over Maybelline Green with Envy (which is a mint green).

It's super sparkly and lovely, I love the mixture of green and gold glitter. I went for a mint green because I had seen some swatches and it looked nice, along with me wanting the green glitter in Frog's Breath to stand out.

The end of break is coming and I've been dreading it, but more regular manicures are to be likely since I'll need the calming ritual of doing a manicure in my life again, haha.

One can purchase Crowstoes from Llarowe and Overallbeauty :)

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Essie Rae said...

Love this - then again, I love most greens so it would be a hit for me no matter what:) Great photo.

Sarah said...

Very pretty!! :)

Unknown said...

Sparkly green ~ How pretty!


Kimberley said...

Very pretty!

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