Friday, June 21, 2013

EDC Nails! Neon gradient with randon black stripes :)

I listen to mostly Top 40 music with a smattering of more popular EDM (electronic dance music) thrown in. Lately EDM is all I've been listening to, although now I'm on a classical music kick. My tastes varies, I can listen to most anything.

EDC Las Vegas is coming up this weekend and I have a few friends (from all over!) going. I know they're going to have a great time, and one of them asked for EDC nails and I said of course! I didn't quite know what I wanted to do, except that maybe it'd be more complicated. I haven't done "complicated" nail art in a while. A looong time. This is what I came up with.

I did neon gradient with random black stripes :) I used all China Glaze neons.

Thumb, middle finger and pinky are: Pool Party (neon pink), Towel Boy Toy (neon blue), Kiwi Cool-ada (neon green). I also put a coat of China Glaze Fairy Dust over the top of these nails.

Index and ring finger are (these really didn't come out in the pictures): Flip Flop Fantasy (hot neon coral), Sun Worshiper (neon orange), Yellow Polka Dot Bikini (neon highlighter yellow).

I love how these came out. For the gradients I used a cosmetic wedge sponge, painted stripes of the colors and dabbed it on. I use random placement of striping tape and just used my go to black, American Apparel Hassid over.

Only pain in the butt part was the fact that I used neons, which aren't the most opaque nail polishes to begin with. I did use a base coat of white but it only helped a little. I tried to minimize smudging (maybe one day!) but I'm happy with how the lines came out.

If you're going to EDC Las Vegas, I hope you have fun, safe time! Have a great weekend everyone!

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The Northernist said...

This is amazing! I've never been good at doing gradients, and you make it look so easy :) fabulous mani!
- Olivia x

jlynntc said...

I have this blogs updates sent to my email, I dont always comment and I sometimes I dont see every single post... The fact that you put EDC in the title made me click it like 10 times lol. I love this mani! I love edc! I went to EDC Chicago and i had THE TIME of my LIFE. Definitely something to never be forgotten. Thanks for creating and sharing this mani! I hope all of those going to EDC Vegas have fun, drink lots of water, stay safe and keep dancing. PLUR!!!!!!!!!!!

Unknown said...

Looks amazing! You ahould do more nail art :)

Play Bazaar said...

Itna pyar bikher denge is duniya me
Ki mere maut par mera katil bhi royega satta king
Satta King
Play Bazaar

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