Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Silver glitter gradient over nude nails

Sorry for the absence! Hope I can make up for it with this, one of the prettiest manis I've worn in ages, and a contender for favourite bridal design:

It's a gradient of Maybelline Color Show Silver Gleam over OPI Malaysian Mist, which I did using my cotton bud glitter gradient method - it's so much easier and more precise than sponging for me! It was hard to get a gradient up the nail with such a dense glitter, so I literally dotted polish with the tip of the bud up my nail, like a big woolly dotting tool.

I wore this to Spa and Beauty Expo, and it lasted me almost a week - the glitter tips are great at keeping tipwear at bay!

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Eni Polish said...

I just love this one ! Simple but so damn amazing !!

Danisha said...

so simple and gorgeous!

Squeaky Nails said...

I love this look, glitter gradients are the best <3

Sarah J. said...


Unknown said...

very beautuful!!

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