Monday, July 27, 2009

Adding a SIXTH blogger to the P or P gang!

I'm happy to announce the addition of our sixth blogger, D:). I'm still not sure how I'm going to pronounce that if I say it aloud. D-smile? D-grin? DCCP (colon, closed parenthesis)? Gal with Furrowed Brow? Anyway... she should be making her debut post later this week. I can't wait!

Also, Hello! to those who have found their way to Polish or Perish from Dr Frankenpolish's blog! (For the two people who came to P or P first, check out Dr Frankenpolish for my frankendupe version of Lippmann's Funky Chunky. It's much less chunky but I think it's just as funky.)

"Hi, my name is flinty and I am addicted to hexagonal glitter!" (See my frankens below... although these both needed a lot more hexes!)


All Hexed Up:

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anotheremptysky said...

oooh I LOVE all hexed up :)

Adrienne said...

where'd you get the hexagon glitters?

flinty said...

Thanks, anotheremptysky!

Adrienne: evilBay. For pretty cheap, actually, from someone in China?

Kae said...

Oh wow I love both of these! The glitter inside is awesome :D

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