Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Hmm, what can you do with 6 stashes?

I'd like to bring to our readers' (you know, all... three of them at this early stage!) attention that between the six of us, we have over 1400 polishes. (How many Helmers is that?!) Some stashes are bigger than others but this much is true: we got a lotta lacquer. Granted, I'm sure we share some polishes but it seems that we have a pretty wide range of tastes and I suspect there's not that much overlap.

So see that little comment box on the sidebar? It asks for reader swatch requests. We obviously cannot guarantee that any of us will have a polish requested or, if we do own the polish, that we'll be able to swatch it for the blog, but it doesn't hurt to ask. :)

And I'm personally open to franken/frankendupe suggestions so feel free to ask for 'em. :D

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