Thursday, July 30, 2009

NOTM(orning) and NOTA(fternoon): Color Club Tru Passion + Misa Dance Fever

Once upon a time, I thought I might study visual cognition. It was easier to collect data. Sit people in front of a computer, have them click buttons when they see a circle (or whatever) and let the computer collect the data for me. Then I thought, "No, my real passion is in psycholinguistics."

Boy, am I an idiot.

This type of research is painstaking. Listening to endless hours of audio, transcribing it and analyzing it and... miscounting a lot. For someone who has been in school for 19 years (plus maybe an extra year for all those summers at nerd camp), I really don't seem to know how to add or subtract. Multivariate statistics, yes. Addition, no.

To reward myself for, you know, doing my job today, I decided two manis were in order.

Color Club Tru Passion

Misa Dance Fever

These are fabulous glitters! They are very fine and brush on very smoothly (unless I get impatient and gloop them on). Both of these are four coats each. The Dance Fever, especially, just GLOWS in sunlight: it may be burning my retina to stare directly at it. Mmm. Glowy burn.

In other news, I'm pretty miffed that my university's library is undergoing major budget cuts (like every other university library, I'm sure) and a professor sent around a list of psych journals that are on the cutting block. NOOOOOOO!! If there's no other reason to go to a rich private university, it's that they'll have more money to keep their resources up when the economy's down the drain and floating fast out to sea. Unless they're Harvard or some other imprudent Ivy League that got greedy and invested everything in high yield (and high risk) stocks. Yay for not getting my PhD at an Ivy League? (Besides that there was actually no Ivy that had an advisor I wanted to work with. And none who would want to work with me. Definitely not something to cry over though!)

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Velvet said...

Hello! I love both these polishes. So very sparkly,and blingy! I've added your blog to my list. Your job sounds like it can be tedious at times. But then any job can! Hope you feel a bit more relaxed after these two cheery manis.

flinty said...

Thanks for following the blog! :D The day did improve significantly after the all the bling. :)

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