Thursday, July 30, 2009

Yesterday's NOTD: Shiseido PN 66 over Chelsea Heavenly Signs

A picture may be worth a thousand words (as demonstrated by all the nail polish blogs out there), but a video can be worth a thousand pictures... if they would upload with no loss of quality! I had the most gorgeous, glittery NOTD yesterday and as usual, I tried taking pictures to capture its glittery gorgeousness but every photo fell short. So I took a video. On my laptop, the video showed off the glint and glitter of the polish perfectly but when I try to upload it, the quality gets compromised somewhere along the way so it doesn't show up quite as well anymore. I've posted it just the same though. First the photos:

Shiseido PN 66 (3 layers) over Chelsea Heavenly Signs

I wish I knew where to get Shiseido PN polishes. The writing on the label is in Japanese so I'm assuming... Japan. I got these from the same swap as I got my first two of BB Coutures. Chelsea Heavenly Sign's provides a creme burgundy base for this fairly glitter-packed polish.

A close-up of glittery goodness:

Does glitter get any better than that?

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D:) said...

I die I die I die!! That looks unbelievable.

And I am now stealing your genius idea of layering a very similarly colored but opaque polish under anything sheer that I really love.

Adrienne said...

i don't think it can get any more glittery. I LOVE IT!

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