Wednesday, July 29, 2009

My first BB Coutures! (and a couple of others)

Yesterday, I wrote what was probably one of the longest emails in the existence of mankind. Which isn't too impressive because email hasn't been around so long (in terms of the existence of mankind). Like I've mentioned before, the research project I was an RA on back in 2004 is finally being written up for publication in a peer-reviewed journal. The professor I worked for sent over a draft for critique. And I wrote a very, very long one. I'm not sure it was that coherent. It took me about six hours to figure out what I was trying to say and I kind of feel sorry for her that she woke to that email in her inbox this morning.

It was a lot of fun to revisit the project, which was on children's language acquisition, especially since the theoretical orientation of my PhD program differs a lot from the theoretical orientation I was trained in during college. And it was fabulous to write for the first time in a month (woot vacation! woot not being so sick that I can't even sit up!), even if it was just a rambling email. I should be doing a lot more research-oriented writing, not just because I have to be doing it, but because I really enjoy it. I love writing, I love ideas, I love letting my mind wander all over the place and reading a whole bunch of articles and eventually coming down to some sort of deadline -- usually one that has whooshed right by -- and pulling it all together. I love choosing words, reordering thoughts -- trying to say exactly what I mean. Doesn't always work but I usually have fun doing it.

Anyway, having stared at the computer for hours yesterday, I decided to stare at my nails today and do some swatching. My untrieds box was full again so I spent some time swatching about 15 polishes (and taking pictures). Amongst my untrieds were my first two BB Couture polishes that I had swapped for. Coincidentally enough, the woman I swapped with currently lives on the same street I lived in Somerville, MA for the first two years after I graduated from college! Small world. (Well, it was a big street.)

These did apply very smoothly but I can't say they were precisely my cup of tea; I haven't tried enough yet to make up my mind about the brand. First up...

BB Couture Venice Party

If the had been sun out today, it would have been easier to see the blue opalescent glitter in this polish...

BB Couture Blind Love

I thought this was going to be more silver but it turned out to be more pewter and I really don't know how I feel about pewter; one of the reasons I'm holding out on ChG Cords, I guess.

Another polish I swatched out was Chelsea Psycho Green (also courtesy of a swap!), which looks like it might turn out to be a NARS Zulu-like jelly but then dries slightly matte.

Chelsea Psycho Green

Chelsea Psycho Green layered with Anna Sui 235, which has blue and red opalescent multi-sized glitter suspended in a jelly of a non-descript shade (actually, it looks like a muddy jelly but applies clear)

Weird thing about Anna Sui polishes: they're perfumed. At first, it smells floral... and then it smells like bug spray.

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Jess said...

I also love writing and I haven't done nearly enough of it during my 1.5 years out of school!!!

I LOVE BB Coutures!! It look Dragon's Breath and Moon Over Manhattan for me to totally fall in love with the brand.


Adrienne said...

I've been wanting to try BB Coutures too!! I will.. eventually lol
Psycho Green topped with the Anna Sui is absolutely gorgeous on you!

And seriously I don't know how you have time to swatch and do research related stuff!! Swatching is soooooo time consuming

flinty said...

Jess: isn't Psycho Green a darling? I love that it's a cheap brand too.

Adrienne: Well, I prolly should've done more research yesterday and less swatching. :) But I've got it to about 10-12 minutes per polish (including taking/choosing/cropping/uploading photos and taking off the polish).

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