Tuesday, July 28, 2009

BB Couture Green Goblin

I think some of my fellow feminists look at me as a hypocrite for loving something such as nail polish. To love something that seems to inherently and negatively reinforce feminine stereotypes (such as that all women do and should wear makeup) does seem hypocritical, in a way. I hate that a common stereotype with nail polish is often the woman on TV or in a movie who waves her hands around in an exaggerated fashion as her nails dry and then screams and becomes hysterical if she chips or breaks a nail while the male costar rolls his eyes. Nail polish seems to be tied to an exaggerated form of femininity and I haven't quite figured out why yet since nail polish really is just another form of makeup, and you typically don't see women on TV or in movies screaming hysterically if they slightly smudge their eyeshadow.

Despite all of this negativity surrounding nail polish, I like to think that I'm being an active feminist by wearing polish BECAUSE I WANT TO and not because of any other reason. I also like to violate the traditional "rules" of nail polish such as wearing only French manicures, sheers, pinks, or reds.

Well, my kitteh just climbed on my lap (I'm typing on a laptop) and made it very difficult for me to type, so I will end my rant! Here are some pictures of my most recent NOTD, BB Couture Green Goblin....

BB Couture is probably one of my top favorite nail polish brands. They apply so smoothly and have lots of lasting power! These pics were taken in cloudy lighting as it is a stormy day. Each picture is 2 coats with Diamont topcoat. They were taken after 1 day of wear. As usual, click on the pics to see them larger than life!

It looks like I have a chip on my index and middle fingers in these pictures but it's just the lighting.
I never thought I'd love green polish as much as I do. There is something so edgy to me about a green shade like this. I'm in love!!

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Grace of Spades said...

I love this one! It looks much brighter on you than it does on me? Strange!

flinty said...

I just unsubscribed myself to the TotalBeauty.com daily newsletter thing because there was a very long feature -- well, it felt long -- on "What Men Like in Makeup". My favorite was, "Spend time on the natural look! Men like it best when it looks like you've spent half an hour on your makeup."

Also "They don't like dramatic eyeshadow" and "Leave the neon polishes alone! Men don't like vampy colors that much either. They like either nothing or pinks or reds."

At least they put a half-hearted disclaimer of, "Wear what you like! Not what men like! But here's what men like! A lot of opinions from men! About makeup!"

Adrienne said...

Love this green creme on you!! I'm glad green cremes are getting some much deserved attentioN!

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