Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Nubar Going Green!

I was wanting to introduce myself with a polish that reflected my love of all sciences, but sadly there was little sunshine today and some much needed rain is finally coming to central Texas! Don't worry, I have some wonderful previous nail of the day shots to share from the amazing Nubar Going Green collection (flinty had previously posted Forest from this collection).

Conserve - a lovely blue-green shimmer that leans strongly towards green.

Earth - another blue-green shimmer, but this one leans more towards blue. Definitely different enough from Conserve to have both.

Reclaim - an absolute masterpiece, a true green holographic polish.

The shimmers from this collection are phenomenal! They have a depth to them that makes it seem as if the nails are shimmering jewels. All in all this is a perfect collection for the aspiring academic - green is supposed to be associated with intelligence after all!

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