Monday, August 31, 2009

Barielle Labor Day sale

Now through Labor Day, Barielle is offering free shipping on orders $50+ (as usual) with its typical Buy 2 colors Get 1 FREE and 10% off of $60+; 15% off of $75+; or 20% off of $100+. No code necessary.

Don't forget the 10% off FREE10 coupon code (expiry unknown) as well as a first-time order code when you sign up for the newsletter (15% off). As far as I know, these codes can be "stacked" (i.e. used together) though I don't know if they can be used in conjunction with the above sale. Worth a try, right?

By the way, I've been adding bunches of nail polish blogs to our blogroll on the sidebar. If you know of a nail polish or nail art blog (or a beauty blog that features nail polish at least 70% of the time) that I haven't yet linked to, please let me know. There are 145 nail polish blogs listed here so far and I'd love to have a more comprehensive list of them!

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Emelie (paprheart on MUA) said...

It's too bad that they dont ship outside the US :(

Anonymous said...

If you have a large enough order to qualify for free shipping in the US, you could have someone CP it for you, ship it to you and then you'd only pay for shipping once...
I have done this for a friend in Sweden and another in Italy. All you really need is a PayPal account! =D
~wixbetty (on MUA)

Rebecca said...

My nail polish blog is It's updated sporadically, but still.

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