Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Covergirl Nailslicks

Hello! I have two pretty Cover Girl Nailslicks I found at a dusty a while back. First up is Plum Fairy. It's an amazing purple shimmer! Unfortunately, the formula was runny and thin so it took four coats to be bottle color, but yet I was still able to control it! It was so shiny on its own it doesn't need topcoat, and since it was non B3F it was dried super fast. All these pics are without topcoat.. I put it on after the pics :)

And next up............... is Midnight Forest! This one is a gunmetal grey with teal shimmer in it. I couldn't capture the teal in at all! So this is the best I came up with. This was wasn't as runny as Plum Fairy, and was easier to control. This is such a pretty color, really unfortunate that it didn't want to show up in the pictures. On my nails the teal was more prevalent. I think this color is unique, don't own anything else like it! And yes you can see the brushstrokes of this one at certain angles =x now you guys know how I carelessly I polish my nails! =x

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xfoxglove said...

These bring back memories. My first polish was one of the CG Nailslicks. It was a slightly shimmery seafoam. :)

Lucy said...

Love that plum shade and all the glittery goodness. Midnight Forest is a strange name for gunmetal. I guess the teal is the forest part of the name? That is a unique combination and shame it didn't show up. Thanks for sharing these oldies.

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