Thursday, August 13, 2009

A live-blogging test run

I'm going home to New York City for the first time in eight months this Sunday. I have a list of about 8-10 shops to hit and will be live blogging my shopping adventures. (If anyone has any shop recommendations, please do share!) But first, let's see if I can figure out how to do that. Hence, a test run on my own stash.

It's pretty messy right now because I'm in the middle of de-duping (managed to throw 15 polishes onto the swap/sell/RAOK pile yesterday). Sooo... Here is most of it, all messy and in piles.

This is where my frankens live:

Here are potential de-duping candidates (i.e. polishes of similar colors and finishes):

Here is some of my "cheap but fab" stash:
I need more plastic shelving so for now these have to live in boxes. :(

My untrieds:

Nail art accessories (real messy!):

Polishes from brands I only have one or two of:

Misa, BB Couture, LeChat Dare to Wear, Color Club, Nubar, FingerPaints, LA Girl, Nabi:

psst, Nabi is cheap and awesome for about 75% of the time:

Essie, Del Sol, Mattese, Barielle, Orly, Nfu.oh, Maybelline:

China Glaze!


Annnnd these I got yesterday:
BB Couture for Men! Three of these will be prizes in our first Polish or Perish giveaway, courtesy of Kim Snyder at! Details and swatches to be announced and posted sometime in the next week or so.

Let's see if the live-blogging test run worked! *hits post button*

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Anonymous said...

You MUST visit Sephora Times Square for the Illamasqua nail polishes!

Jess said...

Love your stash!

I forgot to tell you, don't go to the place that sells Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics. They don't sell the polishes! LAME. :(

D:) said...

BB couture for men! Oh boy oh boy oh boy.

xfoxglove said...

I want to come over and play with your stash! :)

Evil Angel said...

Great stash, I think it's helmer time for you! :)

Lucy said...

Nice stash! I'm liking that BB Couture for Men. Me wants to win! Have a good time in NY. I'm assuming you'll be coming home with plenty of polish? Be safe and have fun shopping.

flinty said...

Anon: OH YEAH, I'm TOTALLY hitting Sephora Times Sq!

Jess: GAH! How annoying! oh well, I'll go check it out anyway. I'm curious about the Lip Tars.

D:) Oh boy oh boy oh boy is right. ;)

xfoxglove: well, if you're ever here, feel free!

Evil Angel: See, I don't want a Helmer because with these storage thingies, I can just keep adding pre-fabricated containers. And not assemble anymore Ikea furniture! I assembled almost every piece of furniture in my apartment (dunno where the SO was when I was doing that) and my furniture assembly days are over for the time being. :P

Lucy: If I don't come home with plenty of polish, I'll have to hang my head in shame and resign from the blog. ;)

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