Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Illamasqua Insanity and NOTD: Nubar Earth mattified

Hello! I have been a very busy bee this week. Returning back to school is not going to be easy and I'm starting to get very scared. To help me feel as "ready" as possible, I have a much-needed haircut scheduled for Saturday and a much-needed eye doctor appointment for a few weeks from now. One of the things I am most scared of is not being "cut out for" graduate school. So many "what ifs" running through my head....what if I was out of school for so long that I'm not good at it anymore?....what if I suck at my program??.....what if I hate it??....Sigh.

Another funny thing I've been experiencing is people's reactions when they hear what graduate program I will be in. Here's an example of a recent conversation:
Person: "So what will you be studying?"
Me: "Women's and Gender Studies."
Person: [face reddens, eyes narrow in confusion] Oh. What will you do with that?

Now on to some pictures! Unfortunately, life has been hectic this week and I could not take as many pics as I wanted. Also, it has been very stormy and all my pics are from cloudy lighting.

Here is my NOTD: Nubar Earth with Nubar V for Men matte topcoat.

See how it just glows? This is 2 coats of Earth and 1 coat of V for Men. I wore Earth as "shiny" for 2 days before mattifying it, so this is day 3. As you can see, I have barely any tipwear and NO chips!! Nubars are just plain amazing.

Now on to Illamasquas...they come in pretty boxes!

Here they are all in a row. Left to Right: Baptiste, Muse, Illamasqua, Phallic. No flash.
With flash to show the base colors.
That's all for now. Thanks for looking!

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flinty said...

If you hate the program, don't torture yourself (and waste time and money) to push through it. There are a lot of other degrees in the sea. :) Just because you got in and started it doesn't mean you have to finish it, unless it's a one year thing and you've already paid up and then... well... grin and bear it in that case. (I'm so wise, I know.)

(I hated my master's like whoa. But it was only one year and I had already shelled out the cash so... I stuck it out for one year, met some good people, wrote an essay I really liked, and accidentally met my SO in front of the library. Even shitty experiences have their silver linings.)

Adrienne said...

that looks awesome matte!!!!!!! Very chic. And you picked the Illamasquas I had been eyeing! Welll.. ive been eyeing all of them lol Your engagement is so shiny!!!

I think you'll be fine at going back to school, the people there are fun. (except for if you need administrative stuff done... then you will be running around circles aka the RU Screw lol) And you'll be on Cook campus prob most of the time. I think that is the best campus. There's more open space and not as rowdy as the others. Oh and be careful about parking, they're really strict!! You can only park in the lots that are assigned to your parking tag.

What is going to be your concentration within W&GS?

D:) said...

That mani looks incredible and your nails are tdf

The Home Spa Goddess said...

Can't wait for the Illamasqua swatches. I'm back to school after one more week only I'm the teacher:) It's grade school so it's actually fun.

Love that Nubar look.

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