Thursday, August 6, 2009

Milani Totally Cool and Orly, Nubar and Essie matte topcoat comparison

With the exception of the shrinkage after a mere one day with Poshe topcoat, this was an awesome -- dare I say, "totally cool"? no, because that'd be too completely dorky -- manicure (click on pics for bigger version).

Milani Totally Cool
Blurple jelly with fine pink and gold glitter suspended within. This polish just glows in just about any light. This is... four coats, I think. It's pretty sheer but it has to in order to build up the depth that it does. Super pretty drugstore find!

It's also fun mattefied:

From left to right.
Index: Essie Matte About You
Middle: Nubar V for Men
Ring: Orly Matte Top
Pinky: non-matte

As usual, Orly MT -- not matte compared to the other two. Unlike previous comparisons though, there's not actually a noticeable difference between Essie MAY and Nubar V. Weird because past jellies and straight-up glitters have seemed to be slightly more mattefied by MAY but when put together, V and MAY have more or less the same effect. (Not that it's a huge difference otherwise but it's usually more noticeable.)

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Kae said...

This is a superb color, I love the finish and color. Oh and the glitter of course! I rather like it shiny over the matte tho =x

Lizard Lady said...

That is cool matte.

clockwork said...

Oh it looks wicked matted.

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