Thursday, August 6, 2009

Cheap thrills: Quirius (Part III) and Diamond Cosmetics swatches

For $2 and $3 each and non-inflated shipping (around $4-5 for about 10), you can't really beat Diamond Cosmetics and Quirius for getting a decent polish fix at a reasonable rate.

Quirius Autumn Bronze
Here's my issue with Quirius. I love the colors of the cremes and the applicability of their shimmers. It's not that the applicability of the cremes are terrible nor are the colors of the shimmers bad. They just leave a bit to be desired sometimes...

Quirius Love is Blue (on ring and pinky; CM Maiden Kiss are on index and middle)
Bright cobalt blue. Easier to apply than the other cremes.

Quirius Paris Nights
It looks amazing in the bottle, like it will be a dark dusky blue with purple shimmer but it becomes flatter on the nail.

Quirius Jamaican Dream with Diamond Cosmetics Moonglo (glow in the dark) on top
Diamond Cosmetics Moonglo is actually sheer so the color you see here is entirely the Quirius. And yes, Moonglo does glow in the dark.

Diamond Cosmetics Midnight Passion
Dark blue with blue and purple shimmer.

Diamond Cosmetics Yukon Gold
I really don't like most bronzes or golds on my skin... so I compulsively buy them to try to find one that works. While I wouldn't go so far as to say that this works, I really like it: it's so very rich, like molten gold.

Diamond Cosmetics Tropical Dream

Bright, shimmery, summery, yummy.

Diamond Cosmetics Plum Pie in the Sky

Dark rich eggplant creme. Gotta love 'em.

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clockwork said...

Deep Denim is wicked hot on, might have to cave and purchase that.

IridescentUnicorn said...

its good u have the blue moonglo from dc because the tangeglo color has been recalled so has the dc danger zone * an organgey color.

the colors with blue look good on u

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