Saturday, August 8, 2009

A couple of green swatches (Orly Enchanted Forest, CM Night Beat & Misa Toxic Seduction) and another Essie/Orly/Nubar matte comparison

Good-ish news about the article I co-authored! The professor heard back from the journal triage (like an emergency room...) and though it was not accepted for review as was, the editors did want a shorter version of it that has a chance of being sent out for review. This is, of course, not any guarantee of publication, especially not in a journal as popular as the one that the article was submitted to, but it's the first hurdle. Apparently, my contributions were useful -- yay! All I wanted was to be helpful and it would seem that I was. To celebrate, here's some swatches of my favorite nail polish color, green!

Orly Enchanted Forest
Everyone's seen this one a thousand times already but it bears further showing because it's a lovely polish that was opaque in two coats (the picture shows three because I do three automatically) and applied super smoothly.

Misa Toxic Seduction
In theory, I like this polish. Nice dark green base with dark green shimmer. But somehow, it felt kinda boring to me. Like, the color is pretty but not gorgeous. It's kinda interesting but not stunning. It felt like one big "eh" to me... for no good reason, really.

Misa Toxic Seduction with matte topcoats
From left to right:
Index: non-mattefied (no topcoat)
Middle: Orly Matte Top, makes a slightly boring polish to me even more boring by making it just a bit duller (but still kinda sparkly in the sun)
Ring: Nubar V for Men, mattefies but still retains a bit of reflectiveness and the color of the polish.
Pinky: Essie Matte About You, mattefies more than Nubar V BUT makes it really dull and even darkens the color a little bit.

CM Night Beat

I enjoy my inexpensive polishes. I really do. This is a good example of one. It looks like it could be dupe-y to OPI At Your Quebec and Call (which apparently is HTF). Similar gorgeous olive-y shade and sometime when I'm not lazy, maybe I'll pull out AYQC and make a direct comparison (since CM Night Beat is fairly easy to obtain). The difference as far as I can tell is that the brushstrokes are more obvious in Night Beat, Night Beat is greener where AYQC is more golden-toned, and AYQC has subtle bronze shimmer that catches sunlight. Overall, AYQC is brighter but I think I like Night Beat better. (...not about to de-dupe by AYQC though.)

For more matte topcoat comparisons, click on the "comparison" label below.

Also, coming soon, as per reader request... After swatching LA Girl Disco Brites Hustle (and loving it!), I decided I had to get a couple more Disco Brites. I got five or six more, which I hope to swatch sometime in the coming week!

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