Sunday, August 9, 2009

Two recent NOTDs: Urban Decay Metropolitan + Rescue Beauty Lounge Medium White (+ Nubar Opulent Pearl)

Urban Decay Metropolitan
Easy application, rich color, the glitter glows magenta in the sunlight. I'm still not sure how much I like this one though. Can't wait to see what UD has in store as I hear they are bringing back some nail polishes!

Rescue Beauty Lounge Medium White
Four coats, but the formula's pretty thin so it didn't get glumpy... that's not a word, but it sums up how thicker nail polish gets when you need more than three coats. It's not a unique color but it's a very pleasant jelly semi-sheer. It did apply that well but I'm glad I didn't get it at full price -- $18 is a lot for a polish in my book! I've bought some $12 Nfu.oh's (totally worth it), $14 Illamasquas (still waiting for that package to come in) but the extra $4 for an RBL seems a leeeeetle much to me. Grad student. It's not like I'm rolling in dough. Though I'm not as interested in quantity over quality, I'd rather get half a dozen Quirius than one RBL at the moment. RBL has superior formula but it's not 6 times better!

RBL Medium White with Nubar Opulent Pearl on top
Who knew Nubar had flakies? I got really excited, ordered this, and was sort of disappointed. I had hoped for bigger, smoother flakes.

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Jess said...

Wow, Metropolitan is gorgeous!! I only have AC/DC so far of UD's. I can't wait for their new polishes to come out! *crosses fingers for Toxin dupe*

The Asian Girl said...

I LOVE's the only UD polish I have; I hope they are releasing polish again! Medium White is meh; I wouldn't turn it down but I wouldn't spend $18 on it!

Aurora's Nails said...

WOW, I LOOOOOVE Metropolitan so much!

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