Monday, August 10, 2009

Wet n Wild Craze swatches!

Thanks to Scrangie, Nail Boarders are now eagerly seeking the elusive Wet n Wild Craze polishes. Available at some drugstores, these $2 bottles are a nice improvement on the typical Wet n Wild polish colors. They are, however, definitely smaller than the average polish bottle but for $2 for a nifty color, what do you expect?

I didn't look too hard for these until today and they were in the first store I looked in. I don't know how many are in the collection but there were seven at the Walgreens I found them in. I bought six (avoiding the one called Lust that seemed to be your typical hot pink with neon-ish purple shimmer). And... the jury's divided on this one.

Wet N Wild Craze Nocturnal
Hard to tell in the photo but this is an indigo jelly: two coats and it's nearly black. Nothing super amazing about this but I do think it'd be great to try to franken an Essie Starry Starry Night with.

Wet N Wild Craze Shield
I really like this color: it's a foil champagne with fine gold shimmer but scattered bronze mini-flakes. Four coats to get rid of VNL but totally worth it.

Close-up of Shield:

Wet N Wild Craze Rustic
Orange-y bronze, foil-y finish. This one was thick and kind of hard to work with. It took three coats and while it's a pleasant enough color, it's not special. I'm very "eh" about it.

Wet N Wild Craze Inferno
Another "eh". Kind of a typical orange with gold shimmer. It's bright but I wouldn't have named it "inferno". "Campfire", maybe. "Inferno", no.

Wet N Wild Craze Morbid
This one reminds me a lot of Misa Toxic Seduction which I had had "meh" feelings towards. Somehow though, I like it better: it leans just the slightest bit more blue whereas Toxic Seduction was just a tiny more green.

Close-up of Morbid:

Wet N Wild Craze Glitz
I LOVE glitter. This one, though, fell a bit short of expectations. I think it's because I don't like hot pink/purple glitter a la Sally Hansen Rock Star. I think it's because it took five coats of a polish that's not that thin (unlike Quirius glitters which also can take five coats but are thin enough to not get goopy) to reach minimum opacity -- and because this glitter doesn't dry fast, you sit around waiting between coats so that you're not just brushing coats of polish off with every coat you try to put on. It also isn't as sparkly as I hoped.

Close-up of Glitz

All in all, I'm glad I found these because I was really curious about them. They're good but not fantastic, unique or special. But it's Wet N Wild for $2: I wasn't really expecting fantastic, unique or special! And that's alright. Some of these are still keepers.

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Anonymous said...

I bet by adding a transulcent yellow to that Nocturnal shade, you'd get a NARS Zulu dupe. =o

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