Sunday, August 30, 2009

Illamasqua NOTD + swatches + some glitters

Today, I have the saddest Illamasqua Rampage swatch ever: I didn't even think that I had just lotioned up my hands before taking photos of my NOTD and so everything is a smeary fingerprinty mess. So instead of one nice picture, I'll post two less-nice pictures:

Illamasqua Rampage

Opaque in three coats. It is a VERY lovely dark green jelly, no doubt about that. But this is one of the times where I think to myself "$14 gift card to Sephora... or this nail polish?" (Actually, since I ordered 4 Illamasquas at once and kept the receipt, the thought process is more like "$56 gift card to Sephora... or four nail polishes?" Right now, I'm not lemming anything huge from Sephora but I will one day.)

Illamasqua Rampage with LA Girl Rock Star Crowd Surfing on top
From left to right: four coats, three coats, two coats and one coat of crowd surfing. Crowd Surfing was a huge disappointment on its own because I had hoped it'd be an opaque shimmery green flakey but alas, it will only really do by itself if there's an opaque basecoat. Still, it's a beauty when layered over a dark color like Rampage: the copper flakies are especially striking. It appears too frosty though: maybe less silver (or is light green?) shimmer would have suited me better. I won't be reaching for this one a lot but I just love the way it looks in the bottle!

Closeup of Crowd Surfing on top of Rampage

Illamasqua Jan
A smooth lavender pink creme. The color is nothing special. Of the four Illamasquas I got, this is one I'm most likely to return. It's not a color that suits my complexion or personality and I may already have five Essies that are this color.

Illamasqua Wayward
This has to be one of my favorite yellows so far. The application was much easier than one expects from a yellow, though there were still some bald spots after three coats. Still, it's better than the streaky messes that yellows usually are. It sucks that I love it too much -- it's one of the only good yellows I've managed to find so far and if I end up keeping any one of these Illamasquas, it'll be this one.

Illamasqua Milf
Minty green goodness. Mint green is one of my favorite nail polish colors ever, which means I don't want to return this because it's a color I love and I want a million of them. The application was not streaky on this but it was a bit goopier than I expected it to be. After I swatched this, I knew it was perfect for this glitter that I bought off of nbmarketplace (a used polish selling LiveJournal community that is open to members of MUA).

Illamasqua Milf with Tony & Tina Evolution on top (one coat)

Illamasqua Milf with Tony & Tina Evolution on top (two coats)
OMG. This is the BEST SILVER GLITTER TOPCOAT EVER. It could be opaque after awhile: it wouldn't be bumpy per se (it's surprisingly smooth for such big chunks of glitter) but it would be... scaly... like a fish... a very SHINY fish. It's SO bright and reflective. I want to put this on top of everything. Anyone else familiar with Tony & Tina polishes? I'm under the impression they were discontinued. But if any of them are like Evolution... gimme them all!!

Close up of Milf and Evolution

(don't forget to enter in the BB Couture for Men giveaway! I'm having a great time reading everyone's entries for what polishes they'd like to see featured on Polish or Perish! Also, the chance for free nail polish! yay!)

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Kae said...

omg that silver glitter... speechless!! that looks amazing! I also very much liked Rampage and the LA girl glitter layered on it :)

nirfreak03 said...

I absolutely adore that mint green. It too is one of my fave polish colors. It's a shame you don't see it more often. Btw, I've occasionally seen Tony & Tina polishes on ebay, and for pretty cheap too!

D:) said...

That glitter is incredible.

auroragyps said...

Tony & Tina started sometime around 1999 or so and went out of business a few years ago. They made lots of stuff, like eyeshadow, lip glosses, polishes, etc. I had a couple of their lip glosses and I really liked them, but I never did try the polishes. Their whole concept was that colors meant certain things, but I can't remember if it was astrology based or whatever. I'm sad they don't exist anymore, because I always wanted to try more of their products.

Jen said...

:O They have a polish called MILF?!

flinty said...

Kae + D: hells yeah that glitter rocks my socks! I was SO happy when I unwrapped it. I was even happier when I put it on. OH SO GOOD. And so much smoother than anticipated!!

Auroragyps: thanks for the info. That sucks they don't exist anymore.

Jen: Yep. Milf. If you want really scandalous, check out Orgasm Cosmetics' polish names.

a frog named purl said...

i love Tony & Tina's Evolution so hard <3 there is a delicate balance between using it while it is still usable and not using it so you don't waste it.

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