Tuesday, August 4, 2009

LeChat Dare to Wear Disco Tech Collection swatches

What fabulous glitters! So instead of doing the same type of swatching for all of these -- since they're all essentially the same thing in different colors -- I decided to layer some of them on other polishes and show different numbers of layers (click on pics to see bigger versions).

Techno Beat
Three layers over Barielle Grape Escape... can't see the Barielle? Neither can I.

Get Funky
One layer over Diamond Cosmetics Tropical Dream, which is a light creamsicle orange with gold shimmer.

Because it looks so sad and forlorn (compared to the other polishes, imo), I also did a video of this to show how glittery just a little bit of glitter can be. (Sorry for the street noise. I live in a small town but it gets pretty loud at times.)

Disco Ball

Two supersparkly layers. Somehow, this applied thinner than the other ones.

Strobe Lights
Three layers over nothing -- see how dense it gets??

Disc Jockey

Two layers over Quirius Ivy Wreath

Strobe Lights with Dancing Shoes
I already did a finger swatch of Dancing Shoes the other night so I didn't feel the need to reswatch everything again so I mucked around with a sloppy funky french that looks like I just dipped my (one layer) Strobe Lights manicured nails into a big bowl of Dancing Shoes.

What I love about these glitters is that one layer will get you a nice glitter topcoat but by the time you get to three, it's packed tight on the nail. Also, you'd expect them to be chunkier because of the type and amount of glitter but they're actually smoother than I thought they'd be.

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Adrienne said...

These are the most awesome glitters I have ever seen!!!!!

Deez Nailz ~ where the CANADIAN Bloggers at ? said...

wow - those are awesome - I ♥ Techno beat!

Nosaby said...

Oh my! I could look at that video over and over again. It's hypnotic. I think I'm like a squirrel when it comes to shiny things.....

Anonymous said...

They look fab! But I bet they are a nightmare to remove!

flinty said...

Nosaby: that's why I posted a video. The glitteriness gets lost in still photos. :)

tsnails: They're actually a bit easier to remove than the more homogenous glitters: because there are so many different types and shapes, they seem to come off more easily.

Inbal said...

I have waited for this swatch - thank you! I'm planning to buy this collection, just wanted to read some posts about it before. it looks amazing! love that bling!

Gemma said...

I really, really want to buy these... where do you get them from?!

flinty said...

I got these at EZNails.com

Gemma said...

Thankyou so much! Just hope they ship internationally! :)

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