Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Quirius (Part II) - slowly but surely

Continuing on the Quirius swatches... apologies because I did these swatches at dusk and didn't have the benefit of sunshine to really bring out the prettiness. :)

Erin Island (excuse the glitter that's all over my fingers)

Like the other vibrant cremes I've used so far, this one was somewhat hard to apply: streaky for the first two coats, fine by the third, dries non-glossy (but nothing that a glossy topcoat won't fix). For $3, you can't complain too much. I LOVE how "minty" this color is but I think I may want to jelly it up by adding clear polish -- it's a little too flat on the nail for me as is.

I was on the phone with my friend Erin and when I told her I was applying Erin Island, she was like, "Oh, that's a green, right?" Apparently, the name Erin is Gaelic -- cute because my friend is Turkish -- and it's a poetic sort of name for Ireland (or is otherwise associated with the color green or something like that). Learn something new every day...

Royal Glitter

This one was a really nice glitter: it's very fine and smooth. It takes about five layers to get to the opacity here but the polish is thin enough that the extra layers don't get clumpy.

Glittering Rainbow

The website lists it as "Glitting Rainbow" but I'm going to assume they meant "Glittering". It's a chunky holo glitter which takes about five coats to get to the opacity shown above (i.e. not too opaque). It would make a great holo topcoat though I actually kind of like that it's not completely opaque.

Ruby Pumps

...because every nail polish company needs a polish of this name or of this sentiment? I didn't use topcoat here but with topcoat, it'd be a stunner. As it is, it's a deep red jelly (looks like a rich strawberry jam to me, yum) with fine red glitter suspended inside. The glitter is not so packed in that it looks like a glitter polish. It's much more subtle and I think it's absolutely gorgeous: it glows from inside when light hits it. (This one is a must-see close-up: click on the pic for a bigger one.)

Chapel of Love

This is Barbie chewing pink bubble gum. It was much easier to apply than the other cremes and is a great basic girlygirl pink.

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xfoxglove said...

Love Erin Island, but I vote to jelly-fy it! :)

D:) said...

How would u say Q's Ruby Pumps compares w/ China Glaze's Ruby Pumps?

flinty said...

They're VERY different. ChG Ruby Pumps is much more of a glitter polish compared to QRS' Ruby Pumps, which is more of a jelly with glitter suspended in it. The ChG is also brighter. I have both and they are not dupes to me.

kittyluvscolor said...

These are awesome! When my no buy is over I hope to get a bunch of these!

Adrienne said...

the glitters are so packed with glitter. How many coats did you use?

A mint green jelly... would be awesome, and then topped with glitter!!

flinty said...

Kitty: it's totally worth it. Even as a sneak treat during your no-buy. :)

Adrienne: 5 coats. It's a lot but it's a very thin glitter and applies easily even with so many coats.

Tiffany said...

I'm in love with the Chapel of Love color but I can't find it on the qnail website. Do you know if it is a new color they have coming out or has it been discontinued?

flinty said...

Tiffany: It might've been discontinued. :(

Tiffany said...

oh no! :'( thanks for your reply :) I think I will try to contact them, it can't hurt to ask!

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