Monday, August 24, 2009

My First Post as a Wife

Well, it's official! I am now a married woman. My NOTD for the wedding was Dior Black Sequins with Chanel Lune D'Argent on top. It was very sparkly and perfect. I am very interested in starting a conversation about women who are married and feminism and I hope to have some interesting topics to discuss once I get back in the swing of school.

My upcoming posts will most likely be sporadic. My orientation is this Thursday and then I start grad school next week! EEK! I am VERY nervous and I'm afraid that swatching will have to be on the back burner until I get the hang of things.

So on to the pics! Here is my NOTD: Nubar Forest.

I apologize for the tipwear; I have been doing laundry and cleaning all day so that I don't have to worry about it next week!




There is something so sexy and edgy to me about greens. Green is also a soothing, calming color, which may explain why I like greens so much!

You can still buy Nubar Forest from Nubar's website where it retails for $7.49. Nubar often does awesome promos so keep your eyes peeled for promo notices!

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Piff said...

Woot woot! Congratulations!! (And yay you went w/ the Dior. Their polish doesn't get enough attention imo.)

mKat said...

Congratulations! :)

That's a great shade of green.

Looking forward to your upcoming discussion, too.

Lucy said...

Congrats on being a married woman. Double congrats for graduate school. Take your time and don't worry about getting into the swing on things. You have others here to pick up the slack, right?

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