Sunday, August 23, 2009

Revlon Scented Fruitful Temptations

Hellooooooo taking a break from studying. GMAT examination is in about 2.5-3 weeks?? Something like that. I have been improving on my practice tests which is good, but my quantitative score has lowered :( Boo don't know how that happened, but seriously need to figure out how to fix it, and quickly as I don't have much time left!!

Soooo i have two swatches here from the Revlon scented Fruitful temptations line. I spotted them umm like in April lol which is a long time ago. Not sure if they are still readily available in stores. But here they are!

First up is, Passionate Fruit

This is not an incredibly unique color, but at the time I bought these it was B1G1 at Ulta and I got greedy and bought four that I shuoldn't have =x. This is shown as two coats over a base without topcoat.

Next, Sublime strawberry

This is also two coats over a base coat without topcoat. OK I know that this one is very messy lol It could have used a third coat. But I was lazy and in a rush, i probably could have even gotten it in two coats if I wasn't being lazy. I think this one is pretty, it's a pink with shimmer!

These did smell sweet after they dried, they didn't smell like their names. They just smelled sweet to me and weren't overwhelming to me. They did dry in good time too! I hope everyone has enjoyed their weekends!

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D:) said...

I really like that shimmer in the Strawberry one! And wtf are u talking about messy application?! Lol WHERE?!

Lucy said...

They are both insanely pretty shades. I bought the whole collection. I haven't used Revlon polish in many years. It applied beautifully. It was just the perfect thinness. I forgot how nice they were.

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