Friday, August 21, 2009


This isn't so much a blog entry as it is a question I thought might be easily addressed by fellow nail art lovers. For those of you who prefer to keep your nails at some length, which is your preferred device? An iPhone? A Blackberry? Tin cans with string? Something else altogether?

After 10 years of owning the same phone (and using it for little more than emergencies), I figured I'd finally treat myself to something new, upgrade my paper-based organizational system and help myself start my PhD on the right track.

Tips, tricks and thoughts on the matter are greatly appreciated.

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Kae said...

What carrier do you have? each have their exclusive phones. Att has the iphone, Sprint has the Palm Pre, and I don't think Verizon has an exclusive, maybe the Blackberry Storm and Tour (Tour I think isn't exclusive tho). The Storm is coming out with a new version soon (one without the annoying clicking keyboard which supposedly bombed).

Do you want a phone with full QWERTY, or a touch screen, or both? There are sooooo many possibilities for smartphones this response could go a full page haha.

The popular choice would be the Iphone GS, it has a multi touch screen, GPS, video/photo camera, a huge selection of applications from the Itunes App Store.

Palm Pre (sprint) it has a qwerty and multi touch screen, less apps, but basically is the phone that gives the iphone a run for it's money hardware wise.

Blackberry storm/tour/curve/whatever else they've come up with recently. I know nothing of blackberrys but I've seen the Tour it looks pretty neat! Sorry for the long reply =x

mKat said...

Thanks for the feedback!

I suppose I should have specified a few things.. :)

1) I'm not married to any carrier at the moment. I've been on a Pay and Talk system since I first got a cellphone at the age of 17. I've never spent more than $10 a month for a phone LOL

2) I'm in Canada so we don't have all of the same carriers that you do in the US. At the moment I'm really happy with Telus, but like I said, I'm not married to them and will switch to whomever features the product I prefer.

3) I will/am definitely evaluating all of the specs smartphones have to offer, including the applications they provide as well as the interface. I don't need to bore you guys with my ongoing saga here. :)

4) I am interested to know how each/all/any of these phones respond to long nails! Or what any of you guys did to be able to operate your phone with long(er) nails intact. (I tried out an iPhone with longer nails a few weeks ago and basically couldn't operate the thing...!)

Sorry for any confusion! (I should be sleeping off this headache...not blogging in the middle of the night!)

The Asian Girl said...

I have a Crackberry Curve 8330 and use Verizon. I would really like an iPhone, but I've heard so much bad stuff about Cingular/AT&T over the years that I'll just wait it out.

I think the Curve is decent with long nails since the keyboard is raised.

I don't think I'll ever go back to a flip phone...back in June, I had an LG Scoop with a QWERTY keyboard and it really spoiled me. I switched to a Crackberry and now I can't imagine life without constant Internet access. *hugs Crackberry*

mKat said...

LOL :)

I have yet to be spoiled by technology. I think it might be my environmental side... I LOVE my gadgets but my little phone (on no plan whatsoever) has met my needs for a decade.

I thought, however, that it was time I joined the 21st century.

Anonymous said...

In Canada the iPhone is only available from Rogers and the monthly rates for it are expensive ($60+ a month, if I recall). Also, I'm pretty sure the touchscreen on it responds to heat or something similar and requires the use of fingertips which may pose a problem if you have longer nails.

A blackberry might be a good choice (they are popular for a reason) but it really depends on what you are looking for in a phone.

I know at Telus stores they will let you try out a phone if you ask. It's a good idea since you can get a better feel for it than you could just looking at the model versions (which are pretty useless if the phone has a touchscreen).

Also, I would recommend looking at the plans each of the various carriers have for smartphones since they are more expensive than those for regular phones (due to the fact they require the purchase of a data plan as well).

clockwork said...

I've a BlackBerry Curve and I adore it, my sisters actually both have the same phone as well it's fantastic.

xfoxglove said...

I have the iPhone and I love it. My SO has a blackberry and I have a hard time with the tiny little keys. My nails aren't too long, but they're a squared off shape and the corners break if I type on his phone (or my old one).

My iPhone is perfect. I think as long as your nails aren't extremely long you should be fine, nail/typing wise.

As far as the phone itself, I've had no problems except with picture messaging, which you can't do. Well, you can, but you have to use a trick with the email function of the phone, which is kind of annoying, but totally not enough for me to consider (EVER) switching.

mKat said...

Thanks for your comments/feedback, everyone!

And yes, I have been giving a lot of thought to the rate plans for any kind of smartphone... I already know this needs consideration - there's no plan out there (smartphone or otherwise) that will allow me to continue paying $10 a month. :P

... it really does seem to be a mixed bag in terms of preference. So far I've gotten quite mixed responses; Blackberries and iPhones are neck and neck which leads me to conclude that nails were never an issue for anybody! I may be the only weirdo out there that decided to consider my nail length (in addition to everything else) in this purchase decision. :P

Thanks again.

Kae said...

I forgot to mention that I am an Iphone owner (since 2007), and I have fairly long very square nails. I also own a slider ph one with keys. I used to complain a lot how my nails always tap the iphone screen, but after trying to push physical buttons, I take it back lol. if I try to push a button with nail, I have to use a square corner which can break it, or I have to bend my finger and punch buttons with my knuckles.

Once you get used to a touch screen it's not so bad :)

mKat said...

haha Thank you, Kae. :)

Just for fun I've been looking into an iPhone stylus. In a way that sort of defeats the purpose of a touch screen but it will likely lower my frustration level. :P

(Oh and for anyone who is interested...the Rogers/Fido monopoly on the iPhone is, in my opinion, ridiculous! However, I have confirmed with Rogers that you don't HAVE to be on a data plan if you don't want to, so you can save a chunk of money that way.)

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