Saturday, August 29, 2009

Old Color Club NOTDs: Magic Attraction + Oooooo La La & Reader Request: a Revlon scented polish

For the first NOTD, it was a pretty straightforward Color Club Oooooo La La (I have no idea what the correct number of "o"s are -- too many). Stark white alleviated by shimmer, smooth application. Really, quite a lovely white.

Color Club Oooooo La La

The following day, I decided to layer it with Color Club Magic Attraction.

Color Club Oooooo La La with Color Club Magic Attraction on top
Looks dull and drab as still photo but the video illustrates the holo glitteriness of it. This could be built up to opaque in four coats, I imagine.

In a different vein/company/color/gimmick:
I only recently saw (and bought) my first Revlon scented polish -- I wouldn't have even paid them any attention if it weren't for a P or P reader request! -- and I am very pleased with it! Admittedly, at first, I was skeptical: a scented polish? I had just gotten out of Inglot where they claimed their (oh-so-painfully slow) non-acetone polish remover ($7 for a small bottle) smelled like "orange blossoms". (It smelled like polish remover.)

But behold, my Revlon Not So Blue-berry smelled like fake candy blueberries! It doesn't smell as much when wet but it gives a distinct candy scent when dry. Surprisingly enough, the scent even lingered for awhile. The polish itself was also quite pretty: a light blue foil with a very slight blue-purple duochrome effect. I'm not a huge fan of Revlons (or of foils, for that matter) but if I find any more of these, I will probably be tempted to pick up a few.

Revlon Not-So-Blueberry scented polish

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Kae said...

Oh man how do I not have Magic attraction yet?! It is very pretty. I wanted the scented Revlons too but I was afraid their scent would make me feel queasy ;x that one has a great shimmer tho!

iceomatic said...

I'm actually liking the revlon! :) Your swatches make everything look good. The color clubs are great!

Lucy said...

I have all the Revlon scented polish. I hadn't worn them in years. The went on nicely and I like all the colors. The Color Club is very pretty. I never wear white. I do have a couple of whites but just haven't worn them.

flinty said...

Kae: it's a pretty strong scent, IMO. But it's not any stronger than the smell of wet nail polish. :)

iceomatic: Thanks! I also try not to post swatches that look terrible. I'll talk about some polishes being terrible on me but I'm not a fan of posting really ugly pictures of my nails. :) I'm vain, what can I say?

Lucy: wow, you have a LOT of polish. It seems like you have just about everything. Do you have your own nail polish blog? :)

diamants-d'ébènes said...

the colour of the revlon blueberry it's simply gorgeous, I looooooove

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