Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Ricky's on 3rd

For those who don't know Ricky's, it's this awesome beauty supply chain in NYC.

They've got so much cosmetics and, well, dress-up stuff from adhesive bras and fishnet stockings to stage makeup. And they carry a line of makeup that I believe was started by Kevyn Aucoin, Mattese. Mattese has a great selection basic cremes and neons but they've also got some shimmers. They also make nail art stripers.

I don't know if they changed manufacturers or not but they are obviously being made by the same company that makes Color Club, Forsythe. People have already noted that the Midwestern Meijer's chains carry Massini, which features CC dupes Fashion Addict and Magic Attraction. Well, here is the Mattese "version" of CC Revvvolution (a dark grey holo):

But I guess the 2 extra V's in the name was too much to fit on the label?

Even though I already have Revvvolution, I picked up Revolution since I had meaning to buy a backup of
Vx3 anyway; Vx1 might as well do. It sucks that they raised the price on these: $6! These polishes are vibrant, easy to apply and wear very well. For the most part, they only need two coats. The black only needs one (though I always use at least two). I also picked up Ice Queen which looks like a jellyish OPI Lincoln Park After Dark and a chunky silver shimmer that I hope I can build to opacity.

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Lucy said...

I love beauty supplys. You can find so many interesting things there. Looks exactly like Revvolution. Hope you'll let us know if it's the same.

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