Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Scented Polishes: Revlon Fruitful Temptations Review.

One of our readers asked about the Revlon scented polishes in the sidebar, so here's my little review. I know a few of the other P or P girls have these, so maybe this can be a two or three part thing. :)

I found these at Walgreen's a few weeks ago, hidden on the bottom shelf in the back. The display wasn't terribly special, so make sure you look closely if you're looking for these! I almost missed them! I got two of them, Pretty in Papaya and Raspberry Rapture (Both are extremely dupable. Then again, for most of these, they're about the scent, not the color. The exception is probably Not So Blue-Berry, which is a unique shade, but I'm not fond of shimmer polishes, so I passed.)

I really like the smell of both of these, they're very fruity and to me they're strong. They don't overpower me, though. I wore the papaya one without topcoat and the smell lasted about two days. I didn't leave it on longer because it began to chip.

The next time I tried them I wanted to use a topcoat. Putting on Seche Vite seemed to dull the scent, but not totally. However, I don't think I'd use a topcoat with these in the future. The scent is the best part and I change my mani so frequently that when it starts chipping I'm usually ready for something new.

I had no problems with application and overall I'm pleased with these. If you can find them and like the idea, they're definitely worth checking out!

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mKat said...

These are lovely colours! Scented polishes conjure memories of Mr. Sketch markers and Lipsmackers gloss. :)

Lucy said...

I have the whole collection. My favorite is the Cherry Red. I think that was the name. I love the smell of cherry and the red is gorgeous. Love those two shades on you. I'd forgotten how nicely the Revlon polish goes on.

clockwork said...

Super pretty, I love this collection for the most part :)

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