Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Lippmann Ruby Red Slippers frankendupe v1.0

I haven't gotten around to trying to improve my Lippmann Ruby Red Slippers frankendupe so I thought I would post my old version in the meanwhile.

Ingredients: large red hex glitter from LeChat (available at EZNails), China Glaze Ruby Pumps, NYC Clear and NYC Black (which is a black jelly). All in all, a very easy dupe once you find the right red hex glitter. I'm calling this franken "PITA", because it took forever to find red hex glitter whose color didn't dissolve in polish.

Flinty's "PITA"

PITA, up close and personal!

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D:) said...

Nicely done!

The base looks a little bit redder than the orig.

mKat said...

I love the glitter! (If it isn't obvious, I haven't seen the original so I'm fascinated by your franken). :)

Lucy said...

Very pretty. It's a close franken. Much redder base than the original. I believe the original base is black.

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