Thursday, August 20, 2009

Quick and dirty...


I've been trying to post these for the better part of the afternoon and Blogger's formatting is getting to me. GRR. Me of little patience.

Anyway... Here we go (again!)

I feel the need to defend the fact that I am still using Sally Hansen products. I swear it's just the nude, clear polish that I'm fairly certain isn't a topcoat at all but I use it for such.

Way, way back, before animal testing ever became an issue of mine, I fell in love with this nude for a topcoat and bought a number of bottles. Since then, I just can't bring myself to part with them so I'm slowly using them up. (Same goes for any "questionable" company you might see me using...Konad aside, because I'm fairly certain they make no claims to be cruelty-free).

Alas. Told you ignorance was bliss...

Moving on, here are some quick and dirty Konadicures I completed prior to joining this blog. Most of these were done really quickly so they're kinda messy.

Look 1
Base colour: China Glaze - Laced Up
Tip: Rimmel - 399 Black Satin
Stamp: Konad SP - Black Pearl
Plate: m35
Topcoat: Sally Hansen Hard as Nails w/ Nylon in Nude (no. 95)
*I forgot to take a picture of this when I first did it so this is after about a week of wear... in case you're wondering about the polish gap at my cuticles. :P

With flash

Natural light

Look 2
Base colour: Jordanna Cosmetics - Sapphire (140)
Stamp: Konad SP - Black Pearl
Plate: m51
Topcoat: Sally Hansen Hard as Nails w/ Nylon in Nude (no. 95)

Natural light

Thumb, natural light

Natural light

Look 3
Base colour: China Glaze - Rodeo Fanatic
Stamp: Konad SP - black pearl; China Glaze - DV8
Plate: m51
Topcoat: Sally Hansen Hard as Nails w/ Nylon in Nude (no. 95)
Again, I think I took pics 2-3 days after the mani, so my apologies for any wear or growth.

This is a really subtle, tone on tone mani. Rodeo Fanatic and DV8 have very similar underlying hues which is why I paired them. The holo really catches the eye under certain lights and it has a depth that isn't present in standard shimmers. Again, I don't think the pics do it justice. (I particularly loved looking at this mani under the pot lights in my condo's elevators. DV8 flowers just "appear" out of nowhere but are almost invisible head on. Magic!) :P

Thumb, yellow lamp light

Thumb, with flash

With flash

Thanks for looking!

- mKat

Coming up: Konad sponging

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Nosaby said...

I love all 3!

mKat said...

Thank you! :)

kelliegonzo said...

you did such a good job!

Adrienne said...

the last one is my fav :)

And I have yet to do a funky french! Can't seem to come up with a good enough color combo

mKat said...

Thanks everyone!

I don't know why, but I tend to favour French manis. I love neutral ones because they seem clean and compliment one's everyday dresscode.

The colour combo of black and pink struck me as "dirty sexy" - trampy in a fun way, if you will. :P I was going clubbing for the first time in ages but I was dressed fairly conservatively... so I let my nails speak for me. LOL. Ideally, I wanted to do a black/pink french as you see here, but instead of something tame (like the fairy) I wanted to use Konad's fishnet pattern (m57?) as an overlay. Unfortunately, I always seem to be Konading when I've got no time on my hands. There's nothing more annoying than patterns you're trying to rush... :P

Lucy said...

I also love the combo of pink and black. It's so striking. Love the next two also. You have beautiful nails.

mKat said...

Thank you, Lucy!

augusta said...

did i miss a memo or something?... what's wrong with using sally hansen products? *looks confused*

mKat said...

There's nothing wrong with it... Nothing at all. I have just been trying to phase out any products that have been tested on animals (in whole or in part). It's an arduous process as deciphering company claims isn't particularly easy and I will admit that even now I'm skeptical about many claims.

Sally Hansen hasn't been all that clear about their stance on animal testing, and their parent company is dubious, to say the least. Having said that, I do think they make good products and I'm not suggesting that anybody phase a favourite out of their life as a result of my desire to do so.


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