Monday, August 3, 2009

Yesterday's NOTD and another Essie, Orly, and Nubar matte comparison

I don't really know how I feel about mattefied glitter yet, but you guys can judge for yourself...

Chinoiserie Plum over Diamond Cosmetics Drift Away (after one day with Poshe topcoat)

It's possible that the Chinoiserie glitter polish would have been opaque with three or four coats but I already had Diamond Cosmetics Drift Away (a dusty plummy shade) so I decided to just put two coats of Plum on top of it. I wish there wasn't so much silver glitter in it because it makes it too frosty for my taste. (Btw, I'm not a fan of frost or even most foils or metallics. It's just not a look that I think suits me.)

Chinoiserie Plum with matte topcoats

From left to right
Index: non-matte
Middle: Orly Matte Top, only dulls the glitter slightly.
Ring: Nubar V for Men, glitter remains slightly glittery but has a matte look overall
Pinky: Essie Matte About You, glitter no longer glitters, has a speckled look

Wish I could afford to try more Chinoiserie polishes. You can purchase them at but there's a six polish minimum order (at $8 per polish+shipping). Maybe the next time I have an extra $50+ to spend...

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