Monday, August 3, 2009

Sharing the (things that make me lose my) wealth: coupon/promo codes!

Passing on a few nail polish coupon/promo codes that have fallen into my lap in the last few days:

$10 off $50 at Discount Beauty Center (one of the only places I've found that sells Barielle for less than $8), expires August 31, 2009: 10off831

15% off next order at AveYou: aveyou15forme

Also, non-np related but I've found that those who like nail polish also like eyeshadow (I think it's an attraction to a variety of colors): Camera Ready Cosmetics is selling off all of their Nixie eyeshadow and blush refills for 40% off. Quality surpasses MAC for many and the pans are 10mm bigger. (Eyeshadows fit into large Japonesque eyeshadow palettes perfectly.) :D

Keep watching this blog for more coupon codes and sales announcements! I love shopping, am ALWAYS on the lookout for sales and will try to post about every nail polish-related sale I come across! :)

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xfoxglove said...

Hey flinty --

I think this code works for aveyou as well::

FaceBook Fans (code: aveyoufb10)

Adrienne said...

funny that you posted about discount beauty center.. I actually went to their B&M today. It's located in the same plaza as my GMAT prep class. AND I saw the Barielle summer collection @ the store and then I remembered that it was the same price as on the website you posted. Their bag had the website on it so I went to it and it redirected me to I didn't get any of Barielle though, the colors seemed pretty dupey. But I do hope they get the ALU collection :D

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