Monday, August 3, 2009

Happy Monday!

Hello Everyone! Another Monday, another week, another day towards the end of summer :( This GMAT prep course is totally kicking my butt! I'm having trouble concentrating on problems and exercises for six hours a day lol Even when I studied for exams in college I would study for a half hour and get distracted by something and then return to studying like three hours later only to study for another hour. Really bad!! I need to figure out a way to sit still for at least two hours to get through some of the material.

So last week my mani was Sephora by OPI Dark Room. I didn't have time to redo my mani so I just layered a shimmery polish over it, Sahara 208.

Yes, there is tip wear. But there are blue, gold, and red shimmer throughout this polish and it was a perfect topper for Dark Room. The red and blue shimmer didn't show up much int he pics, mostly just the gold. This mani held me over the weekend until I had time to redo my mani. Decided my nails were getting too long so I filed them down and was too lazy to round them off. So heres my new shape and current mani:

China Glaze Orange Marmalade

China Glaze Orange Marmalade

Here it is with two coats along with a base and top coat. This nail polish dried SUPER fast for me, actually all the nail polish from this China Glaze Summer Days collection dried super fast for me. All my China Glaze cremes take kinda long to dry even with the fast dry top coat. Oh and I have no idea why half the label is missing from my bottle lol I didn't notice until I did this mani. Orange Marmalade absolutely glows in the sun and I couldn't capture a more glowing picture. My mom saw it and was like, "wow! Looks like oranges, good enough to eat" haha So far I'm liking the nail shape! I didn't think it would look good on me because my nails are so wide but I'm getting used to it. I know this polish will be distracting enough for me to stare at tonight while I'm zoning out at my prep class. Ha

I hope everyone has a good week and enjoys their Monday!

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D:) said...

That orange looks amazing against your skin.

anotheremptysky said...

OM is one of my faves :) gorgeous on you! I love your Dark Room combo too!

Anonymous said...

that shimmery polish you layered over dark room is beautiful! also, I think your new nail shape/length is very flattering.

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