Sunday, August 2, 2009

First Polish or Perish post from Foxglove. :)

Philadelphia has been seriously monsoon-ing all weekend. Well, not quite, but we've had some flash flood warnings and I've ended up looking like a drowned rat every day. It hasn't made for good polish hunting weather, but I've some new acquisitions to share anyway! :)

First up, I have some of the dark greens that have been making a buzz on the MUA Nail Board.

(above: $OPI Dark Room on the left & Orly Enchanted Forest (+ butterfly charm!) next to him.)

I've yet to swatch Dark Room, but it looks murky and almost dusty in the bottle. I have a feeling it'll lose some of that quality when it's dry on the nail and just turn into an almost-black, but I'll keep my fingers crossed.

I'm wearing Orly Enchanted Forest today. Here are some NOTD photos. (Excuse the photos, clouds & rain don't make for the best lighting.)

Orly EF (when in the sun) looks very hunter green to me. When I look at it I think of collegiate sweatshirts. I'm sure this green matches some University's color somewhere. :)

I might switch to something a little more happy. I spent the morning braving even more rain to have brunch with my Mom to discuss my final year of undergrad that's coming up in the fall and then (finally!) breaching the subject of grad school with her. I don't know how well it all went over, so I guess, well, I think that I'm going to have to go at this alone.

But that's ok. I think a fresh manicure and a rainy afternoon spent with Grey's Anatomy & my GRE books will help me figure everything out.

Maybe one of the following?

(above, some untrieds: OPI Mod-ern Girl & China Glaze V.)

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flinty said...

I have a college sweatshirt of that color: it wasn't my alma mater's color but it was my graduating class' color. :)

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