Saturday, August 1, 2009

Quick and dirty swatch: FingerPaints Cobalt Cardigan (little too close in name to Orly's Cashmere Cardigan but whatevs)

Took a little trip to Sally Beauty today -- had to spend that $5 coupon I got with my membership -- and picked up a BIGASS bottle of acetone, Orly Nail Rescue, a nail brush/dotter combo thing, Mango Mend and a new polish from the FingerPaints Fall 2009 line. Looked like a dark blue creme. Eh. I like dark blue cremes. But then I opened it and saw that it was more translucent than a typical creme -- possibly even a jelly? -- and decided, what the hey, it's a nice dark blurple in the bottle, I don't often lose with FingerPaints... so bought it. I got home and swatched and loved it immediately.

(I also picked up a Milani Totally Cool at Target on this shopping excursion -- GORGEOUS! I need to take pictures of this in the sun. And then mattefy it... oh yes.)

FP Cobalt Cardigan not quite jelly (it would be at two coats) but not a harshly opaque creme either. It's kind of what I wanted Lippmann Rehab to be (a polish that was just too jelly for me), but what really sold me was a detail that I didn't really notice until I looked close at my photos: it's got a very subtle blue shimmer (which is what makes it look like a dark blurple in the bottle). Really lovely color -- wish the rest of the collex wasn't just mauve, berry creme shades!

FingerPaints Cobalt Cardigan

Close-up of the shimmer:

I'm still working out the kinks in my Lippmann Ruby Red Slippers frankendupe. It needs tweaking and I think I may make an alternative one that plays with several colors of hex glitter (all red or close to red).

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xfoxglove said...

really love this shade, flinty. :)

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