Friday, September 11, 2009

10 random things about flinty

Dunno if anyone tagged any of the seven of us here but if not, well, I tag everyone here (and whomever wants to be tagged -- leave yours in our comments if you want)!

Ten random things you did not know about flinty:

10. I went to a women's college even though at the end of high school, I swore I disliked "girls".

9a. I'm incapable of reading novels and short stories unless I've seen a movie adaptation. I read almost exclusively non-fiction because I can't get into novels... but I can easily read poetry and plays.

9b. Most of the books I read are published by academic presses. If they aren't published by an academic press, they are nonetheless excruciatingly researched.

8. I love bath and body stuff but I've never used deodorant.

7. In an alternate life, I would want to be a filmmaker (preferably cinematographer) or a music video director (even though I never know what's on heavy rotation).

6. I barely ever listen to male singers but I like female ones, regardless of whether their voices are high or low pitched.

5. Until I went to college, I didn't realize that most of the US population was non-Catholic Christian: most of my friends were Jewish or Catholic (or every other religion that doesn't belong under the category of Protestant).

4. I love nearly all food but especially love salty, vinegary and savory foods. If actions had no consequences and food cost no money, I could eat cheese, red meat, good pickles and/or sashimi all day everyday.

3. Unsurprisingly, considering #3... since adolescence, I've been all weights from 110 to 200lbs and never at a stable weight for more than two months at a time. As a result, I own and cycle and re-cycle through clothes sizes 4 to 14.

2. I curse a lot in a casual way, without even thinking and without regard for children nearby. (I started when I was 8 so I don't really think of kids as people who shouldn't curse.)

1. I believe that 99.5% of the shitty things that have happened to me have been, in retrospect, blessings in disguise and that my current happiness is owed to my previous unhappiness. I am grateful for the pain and the journey that I was forced to improvise to deal with it: every step I took (backwards and forwards) brought me to where I am now. I still have a lot of problems but nothing's killed me yet. :P

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daydream222 said...

Yep, I'd definitely eat cheese nonstop if I could!!!!

I curse badly too. :) Mouth like a sailor. :P

Lucy said...

Your a very interesting person Flinty! Ilove your honesty. I wish I could eat all the salty stuff I want. I love cheese. I don't curse badly and I am Catholic. I don't say the Lord's name in vain. I'm watching Jimmy Fallon and the country singer George Jones is on. He sounds so horrible. It's terrible to listen to someone and they sound so bad. My Mother liked his music. It's amazing the man is even still alive.

mKat said...

I agree with Lucy. You are refreshingly honest. :)

xfoxglove said...

I love salty things, too. I have this huge jar of green olives in the fridge and my roommates think i'm nuts!

& i absolutely agree with your #1. not only do our experiences shape us, but they make for great stories!

The Asian Girl said...

LMAO I am so #2. I've even commented, "They're gonna learn someday."

flinty said...

daydream222: do you like the really sharp and pungent cheeses? because if you do, if we ever meet IRL, I know exactly what we'll be doing. ;) CHEESE AND POLISH. OMG. Sounds like the best playdate ever. Imagine: cheese and polish, as far as the eye can see.

Lucy: I don't think of myself as an interesting person: just talkative and without modesty! ;) A lot of people are utterly fascinating if you get them to open up but they censor what they say and hide what makes them unique. Maybe because they think they're not interesting, maybe because what makes us unique is often the stuff we hide. I don't know. :)

mKat: I don't think I know how to be really dishonest. I'm such a bad liar and a really bad faker. Like SO bad. ;)

xfoxglove: YES, woman after my own heart: every traumatic event is a story. I have about ten thousand of them.

Asian Girl: My SO always berates me for cursing in front of kids. I'm like, "And when did YOU start, mister?"

Adrienne said...

YUM cheese.. i would be sooo upset if I were lactose intolerent.

And if you like red meat you MUST go to all you can eat Korean bbq on Northern Blvd in Flushing, it's called PICNIC GARDEN (yeah weird name)

LissaLee said...

@ flinty: Just lovely. I think you succinctly constructed a great character portrait, although I probably would have chosen some totally different things. I would have kept #1, though, and it would be on top for a bulleted character portrait about me too

@ Adrienne: I'm lactose intolerant and it blows. I'm constantly on the lookout for new revelations in soy or rice cheese, and believe me, those products haven't come so far.

mKat said...

@flinty... I too am a terrible liar. Virtually incapable of lying. It annoys some of my friends. Oh well. It's a good thing nobody I know has had run-ins with the police. :P

flinty said...

Lissa: It's funny that you commented since you've actually known me for awhile in that oh-so-real world and this thing is pretty much written for strangers. ;) The SO said that it was a really cynical portrait... I don't really see the cynicism, do you?

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