Saturday, September 12, 2009

10 random things about mKat

Thanks, Flinty. :) I love filling stuff like this out. More often than not I'll find something like this when I'm supposed to be doing something else. Guess I can't make "procrastination is my favourite pastime" one of my ten random things. :P
In no particular order...
  • Virtually all of my friends are men. I don't know why that is. I certainly didn't plan it. But for all my love of nail polish and makeup, I'm apparently quite the tomboy and I don't think or act like most women. (Or so the men in my life tell me on a regular basis.) I'd love to have some actual girlfriends around. The men I know don't want me putting makeup on them. (And boy have I tried.) :P

  • I play video games. I'm not a fan of first person shooters but only because they actually make me sick. (There have been studies done on this!) I will admit, however, that I have played through to the end of the first Halo. Nineteen hours straight...we broke only for pizza and wings. (Never again!) 

    I have not played through any of the Grand Theft Auto series. I cannot drive in that game to save my life, though I did try. I crashed four cars in an attempt to get out of a hospital parking lot.

    One of my favourite games, Marvel Ultimate Alliance, has a sequel coming out next week. I've known about it all year. Trust it to drop on my first day of classes. I'll be kicked out of my PhD program before Christmas. :P (I'm also looking forward to the next Starcraft installment.)

  • I consider romance novels to be one of my guiltiest pleasures. I've been reading them since I was twelve. (Don't ask me how I got ahold of Harlequins at the age of twelve because I really couldn't tell you.) To this day, they are my go-to for escapism. I love reading historical romances (but not exclusively) and I hate reading romance novels where the plot (ha!) revolves around children or babies. I think that sucks a lot of romance (read: sex and passion) out of them (but I acknowledge that this sort of thing turns a lot of women on.) :P

  • Every guy I've ever dated I've met on the internet. My bf finds this surprising. I guess he wasn't paying attention whenever I mentioned this in the last nine years. I should point out that I was never looking for them on the internet...they just happened. I wonder, sometimes, if I'm capable of meeting guys normally. :P

  • I have never seen Pulp Fiction, Star Wars or Schlindler's List. I haven't seen a lot of things, but that's usually enough to get people to give me strange looks.

  • I have an obsessive, compulsive personality. I am  a person plagued by the need to plan and organize. It does nothing for my time management skills, however. I perpetually run on Caribbean time.

  • The environmentalist in me didn't really emerge until second or third year of undergrad. Until then I was a pretty hard core capitalist. To be honest, I still am in some respects. I have very expensive (but rational!) taste in things...which forces my bf to use my environmentalist side against me on a consistent basis. (I say this as though environmentalism and capitalism and expense are mutually exclusive things…!)

    Oh, right. I’m also a Gemini, so I'm of two minds about everything.

  • I didn't start drinking coffee until I was in the middle of my Masters degree. I blame this on my internship supervisor who told me the day I was hired that by the end of the summer, he’d have me drinking it every day... Incidentally, he was a "few" cups a day kind of guy…and he turned out to be right. :P Thankfully, I don’t have an unhealthy dependence on the stuff and as such, I drink it only occasionally. It often amazes people that I can be up to all hours of the night on no caffeine whatsoever.

    ...I'd love to try Kopi Luwak coffee, btw.

  • I am obsessed with plants. It is my hope that one day my home will have its own living wall. I especially love exotic plants so I'm hoping to make a trip to some of the larger botannical gardens/museums of the world. (I'd love to see a carrion flower in person.)

  • I'm a huge, HUGE “germaphobe”. It's one of the many reasons I don't EVER want kids.
Hmm... I guess that last one was two. Oh well. :P
- mKat

What I'm wearing: Two coats of ManGlaze in Fuggen Ugly (Grey) topped with usual clear topcoat and matted out with Essie's Matte About You. (Pics to come).
What I'm waiting for: An iPhone stylus. (I'm fairly sure I won't end up with an iPhone but I wanted to see if a stylus would help me out.)
What I'm lemming: A digital organizer...still working on it. :P

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Jen said...

I, too am a germophobe, big time, because I am also emetophobic. I didn't think I'd ever want kids either as I see them as walking disease spreaders! But I'm being brave and am now open to the possibility of them.

augusta said...

oh my God, i identify with so many things on this list!

i'm a tomboy, but i'm addicted to nail polish and beauty treatments- i dont wear makeup though.

i love video games, mainly the fighting ones (think tekken, street fighter)

i can relate to guys a hell of alot more easier than girls- i've come across too many two-timers, thus making me less likely to engage in some sort of frienship with women.

i havent seen pulp fiction, star wars or schiindler's list either

i like things organized and planned ahead, but i'm a procrastinator, go figure : )

awesomevegan said...

I found this one very entertaining. I like video games too. I love plants but I can't keep them. I either forget to water them or one of my cats tries to eat them (the other has no interest in them at all) :) LOL

Adrienne said...

I'm pretty OCD too =x But I'm learning to be a little more relaxed!

Lucy said...

I imagine you do get strange looks not having seen those films. I've never played those type of games before. I don't know if I have the skills to do it. I play the type that are time management. I would never have guessed you were a Harlequin girl. I used to read them a long time ago. I used to scour second hand book stores and junk shop for old ones. I even kept a list of what numbers I needed. Do they still number the books? Your an interesting mix!

mKat said...

haha... strange looks..scowls... looks of impatience. (Mostly from my bf. He studied film at uni for a while...)

I play all sorts of games, some of them are computer games (Sim City - NOT The Sims; StarCraft; Age of Empires (Mythology); Baldur's Gate), console games (Halo; Soul Calibur; Hunter The Reckoning; Marvel Ultimate Alliance; Fable; Assassin's Creed; Tony Hawk; Need for Speed; Heavenly Sword) and all the sequels and regular flash-based games (Bookworm; Zuma etc.)

Of course, I also love boardgames... my current favourite is Cranium!

And yes, they still number Harlequins. I've never paid attention the numbers though. I tend to borrow them from the library and read them really quickly. On a few occasions I grabbed them from second hand stores, but I've never gone out of my way to collect a series. Sometimes I am pleasantly surprised to find a book months after I've read its "prequel" or "sequel". :P

mKat said...

^^ Bad grammar there... sorry!

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