Wednesday, September 2, 2009

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Dude, I might have to get on this Twitter bandwagon with all these sales and stuff being posted. I feel so old: my alma mater was one of the first to get Facebook (back when it was only for college kids because it was based on the, duh, "facebook"). Hell, I sent my first email in 1992. I was in web-based chatrooms in 1993, '94. And now I can't figure out Twitter for the life of me. Newfangled social-networking contraptions. In my day, you had to dial-up in ten feet of snow to get anywhere.

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The Asian Girl said...

I miss college-only Facebook! I was kind of late on the internet bandwagon...I was trolling the chatrooms in AOL circa 1997.

Lianne said...

I feel a little like that about Twitter as well. I can kind of get my head round it, and I can see how it might be useful and have interesting information... but in the end I can't be bothered to maintain yet another thing online. :S

Soon I shall be muttering at kids to get off my (virtual) lawn. :p

flinty said...

The Asian Girl: Yeah, I liked it better when it was smaller scale. But I guess they make more money this way.

Lianne: LOL. I kinda get Twitter. I think I could learn how to use it, I just don't know that I see the point of my spreading myself that much thinner through online media.

Lianne said...

Exactly! I've got 2 blogs and facebook and already take so much time to ever update (though this may also be compounded by having restarted WoW last week) that my twitter account is yet another dormant account, updated mayyybee every 3 months. :p

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