Thursday, September 3, 2009

Old NOTD: OPI DS Exclusive

My apartment's without water today because of something or other having to do with building maintenance so I decided to work in my campus office today. I haven't worked here all summer. Glad I didn't accidentally leave a half-eaten Twix bar here back in June. It's so hot in here that it probably would've melted and made a sticky, ant-attracting mess.

Scrolling through the entries made in the last few weeks, I realized that I said I'd post a better-than-iPhone picture of my DS Exclusive NOTD and that I never did. So better late than never:

OPI DS Exclusive

Like all the OPI DS series polishes, this was incredibly easy to apply: it goes on silky smooth. I did three coats for the above and topped it off with Nubar Diamont, which doesn't seem to dampen the holo effect. I seem to get pretty decent wear with DS polishes: several days without even tipwear.

And now, back to work. I have a meeting with my advisor tomorrow and I'm still not sure what I'm going to show her. Getting sick and then visiting home really threw me off this summer. While it's true that I'm on "summer vacation", being a graduate student usually means that work follows you home, haunts your breaks and is always nagging your conscience. I tell my 9-5 friends that they're lucky: when they go home, work doesn't follow them home. I don't follow a 9-5 and have relatively fewer actual places to be at specific times than people in other professions, but I never really have an excuse not to at least be mulling over work-related topics in my head (if not actually reading and writing). And when I'm feeling insecure about what I'm doing, this is what kind of scares me about being an academic in the traditional sense: it's literally a lifestyle.

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rijaH said...

That color look really nice, love the rainbow in it :)

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