Monday, September 28, 2009

China Glaze Shooting Stars

Out of all the China Glaze glitters, the one I was most excited about (next to Atlantis) was Shooting Stars. This polish is small holographic glitters and larger iridescent glitter in a clear base... think Fairy Dust plus larger iridescent sparkles.
This picture best represents the true awesomeness of this polish.

One thing to know about me and polish, I dislike layering... it's VERY rare I buy a polish with layering in mind, so I applied two coats of this polish since my nails were in good enough shape to wear something sheer.
IMG_1807 China Glaze Shooting Stars
Lovely, isn't it?

I got to thinking about the origins of this collection, they were designed for the Japanese market and this is indeed a very japanese looking polish, but I didn't think my manicure looked especially Japanese! So, I decided to break my rule about layering and make some improvements.
I added a gradient using Maybelline Violet Water on top (a very, very sheer purple).

The same manicure indoors.

I absolutely adore this manicure, I couldn't even begin to get the beauty of it to show up in pictures!

Speaking of the ChG glitters, are there any that anyone is especially interested in seeing swatched? I have a good portion of the collection.

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duffimac said...

I'd love to see swatches of Cosmic. thanks!

The Asian Girl said...

Wow, that looks amazing! I also have Violet Water and three more of the "Water" polishes...I may finally have a use for Chanel Lune D'Argent!

April and Ashley said...

Wow! That is beautiful with the water polish. My sister has blue water and will be posting a french manicure she did with that and my blue heaven from icing soon on our blog. Those Maybelline water polishes are so bizarre! But as you just proved they can be used to get some truly unique ans stunning effects!

D:) said...

Where can i buy the water polishes online? I have never seen them IRL.

Grace of Spades said...

Duffimac- I have Cosmic, I'll try to post a swatch soon!

The waters really are good for layering over glitters or for gradient manicures. I wish I could find the Emerald Water some day!

Grace of Spades said...

D:), I got mine off of ebay almost a year ago I think, they still have some but I'm only finding orange and yellow... I also think people were finding them in Dollar Trees.

Sadly they've been long discontinued, but I think you could franken one by adding a color into clear polish dropwise (I'd imagine it'd take very few drops as it's incredibly sheer).

kelliegonzo said...

wow that's amazing! i've never heard of those water polishes y'all are talking about but i'm going to look them up pronto :) i LOVE this manicure, great job grace!

Helen (Nice Things) said...

Oh - that is really pretty. And I have to say, it looks awesome layered. Dual purpose!

augusta said...

the gradient mani looks great. i'd like to see as many china glaze swatches as possible- bring 'em on : )

contests and such said...

Wow! This is a great gradient mani. I haven't heard of the water polishes either *heads to eBay* :)

AllegraI said...

I freaking love this gradient mani. My single colored nails are jealous! How'd you do this one?

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