Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Two NOTDs from this week

My classes started up this week and already I'm exhausted about thinking of my coursework. When am I going to have time to do research? When am I going to do grading (fifty papers every two weeks)?! I fully expect to have my ass kicked thoroughly by the advanced statistics class: structural equation modeling looks like it's going to be an awesome thing to learn but I haven't had a stats class yet that hasn't put me through the ringer. I love statistics and think that it's crucial that I understand as much as I can as fully as possible... but I am so bad at it. It's weird -- and frustrating -- to do something you enjoy but at which you completely and totally suck.

Also we're in a terrible classroom without tables or desks. It's hard to do straight-up stats lecture and take notes on your lap.

H&M Goddess on Stage
I got this in a swap from a lovely MUAer. I've found polish at some H&Ms but not all of them. This is a dark purple with red and gold shimmer. Pretty plain until the light hits it: it reminds me of a toned down version of Milani Totally Cool. Alas, it didn't survive too well, as you can see from the tipwear and chip after one day. I WAS doing a lot of housework with it but still... one day?

Amoresse Mambo Madness on top of H&M Goddess on Stage

Blurple with silver glitter (mostly -- there may be some blue glitter in there). It doesn't sparkle as much as it just shines. Continuously. Very luminous in all lights. Truly striking color, I absolutely love it. It's also extremely dense and can be built up to be completely opaque; the above pictures show only one coat.

Closeup of Mambo Madness on top of Goddess on Stage

As for Amoresse polishes, I don't find these very often... and I don't even think they're supposed to be called "Amoresse". The bottles (which are identical except for logo to the Adoree bottles down to the stylized A on the top of the cap) say "Philtra Colour by Amoresse", Amoresse being the surname (I think) of Lauren Amoresse. ...anyone else think that Amoresse is a better brand name than "Philtra"? It's sort of stereotypical, almost a portmanteau of the words "amorous" and "caress", but I just think it looks and sounds better than "Philtra Colour"

Many of my NOTD posts will probably take this format of "old NOTD with new NOTD layered on top of it" now that school's started again and I don't have as much time to do a new mani every day. I hope to at least refresh it every day with a new layer of something or other -- heaven knows I have enough glitters and sheers to do that.

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The Glitterati said...

100 papers a month?! That's criminal! I feel for ya. SEM remains a complete mystery to me, I somehow managed to scrape my way through 2 grad stats courses without learning a single thing. Sigh.

On the plus side, Mambo Madness is gorgeous. Think how your tips will sparkle and shimmer as you scrawl "citation needed" and "sentence fragment" upon pages and pages of undergraduate toil! ;)

Mighty Lambchop said...

Love the purple but, wow that glitter looks fantastic!

Sorry about your coursework. I was just complaining about having to write a five page paper. That's the only one I have to write before my midterms. I got nothing on ya.

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