Thursday, September 24, 2009

A couple of Clarins swatches

Like most other NBers, my heart yearns for Clarins 230. It really does. I've emailed every online retailer that may have once had it in its inventory and alas, nothing. ...well, one place sent me a 10% off coupon because they couldn't locate it. (So hint: email places, the worst you could get is a 10% off coupon? Most likely no answer, but sometimes they'll try to bribe you...)

Alas. I shall have to make do with what Clarins I have.

Clarins 202, Metallica
Photos do NOT do this polish justice. At all. What makes this polish special is that it's not just any ordinary dark silver: it's silver with red shimmer. Very faint red shimmer, but it's there! This was such a random find -- the best kinds of finds! -- that I picked up right before Filene's Basement closed for those major renovations in Downtown Crossing in Boston (something like $6). Should've picked up more Clarins when I had a chance! Should've looked for 230! Hard!

Clarins 209, Bleu Abysse
Sigh. The perfect blurple creme. Look at it: it's blurple creme perfection!

And because there has been some small-scale explosions on this topic of late, I'd like to say now that 1. the POLISHORPERISH coupon code for OCNailArt has been raised to 30% off and 2. nobody in this blog receives a commission/kickback or even free stuff from this company.

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Lucy said...

What does the Clarins 230 look like? I don't have any of this brand. The Bleu is gorgeous. Reminds me of Essie's Mesmerize.

Adrienne said...

209 *swoooooooooooon*

daydream222 said...

209 siiiigggghhh...I just picked up Nina Ultra Pro in Sailor from Sally's and it *kinda* looks like 209...

flinty said...

Lucy: Just google Clarins 230 and you'll find many photos of this beauty. I can't even describe it!! I think Mesmerize is much more of a cobalt blue and this one leans more towards purple.

Adrienne: I debated buying it for a long time. Totally worth it.

daydream: Sailor's a nice color on its own. I just got it a few weeks back and played with it last night. :)

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