Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Random swatch: Chelsea Mello [sic] Fellow

I never know whether a spelling... quirk is a quirk or a misspelling. Either way, this Chelsea is called "Mello Fellow". If it was intentional, why not call it "Mello Fello"? Are they really just that cool?

Chelsea Mello Fellow

It's a bit streaky but I really love this pearly light grey polish with light bluish-purple shimmer. Three coats, no VNL. It's a very soothing color, imo. This is a pretty old swatch (my nail length are 2mm longer now) but I like it and hadn't had the opportunity to post it anywhere yet. So why not here? :)

The Registrar's Office finally got back to me... after four emails and six calls in two days (and even more than that over the last three weeks). I think they realized that I was perfectly willing to call and email every single hour until I got a satisfactory response. I hate being a nag and I hate how underfunded (not their fault) and disorganized (a little their fault) this institution is... but my politeness ain't worth $10,000 a quarter.

I'm headed to campus this morning for new student orientation: I'm one of the grad reps in the department so I guess I'm part of the welcome wagon. School's back again and I feel so anxious about my research. I finally finished a first pass at data analysis of my most recent experiment and what looked like a promising trend turned into a big nothing. A big NULL nothing. I'm so frustrated. I didn't set up the experiment well enough to enable me to shift data around easily: my fifty excel files with two hundred rows and fourteen columns each make my head spin. If these results had been satisfactory, I could've started writing up a paper for publication. Instead, I've hit a dead end and have to figure out exactly how much I have to back up and then figure out what direction might actually lead somewhere. That's the way science rolls, though. It rolls right over me and flattens me on the pavement. :P

Man, I've got to stop tying my mood to my research.

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mKat said...

Strangely, I don't think our manis ever match our academic moods. :)

D:) said...

Frosty like a blueberry milkshake.

Lucy said...

Pretty shade of polish. Sorry about your poor results. Hopefully you'll have another breakthru.

flinty said...

mKat: I don't know what color would express this mood: "my research sucks and I've disappointed my advisor and I want to go hide now."

D: that sounds like a fabulous thing to drink right now. I live in a town with great ice cream... somebody's gotta have blueberry!

Lucy: thanks for the supportive thoughts! :D

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