Thursday, September 17, 2009

Free shipping promo code at Neiman Marcus and some discounted Nfu.Oh polishes

FabulouStreet is selling off their discontinued Nfu.oh Paint Series for $11.25 each (as opposed to $12.50). Shipping is always free and they have great customer service.

Neiman Marcus is having free shipping with the code FALLNM (expires: September 9th, 2009). Good for those who want to pick up the first two StrangeBeautiful "volumes".

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Lucy said...

Definitely pick up those polishes if you can afford to buy the whole set. They are gorgeous.

Evil Angel said...

AAAhhhhh....Stupid no buy!

loungie said...

I love nfu.oh! what's the # of the green?

flinty said...

lucy: I can afford them but I like having a savings account. Also, I'm on a no-buy until Thanksgiving. I just counted my stash and it turns out I have about 200 more polishes than I thought I did! Worry not though, I still have a ton of stuff to swatch.

evil angel: you aren't kidding, grr, stupid.

loungie: 278, I think.

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