Thursday, September 17, 2009

iNOTD: RBL Locavore

An NOTD on the go: I'm on my way to campus to try to get my state residency changed for tuition puposes. The Registrar's Office seems supremely disorganized and in this case, it's to their advantage to keep me on file as out-of-state: as an in-state student and TA, I would pay in-state rates that are further alleviated by tuition remission (a total of about $400 per quarter). Out-of-state, I'd have to pay $10,000 per quarter (thankfully, I got a fellowship to cover this last year prior to establishing residency in my state)!

Rescue Beauty Lounge Locavore

If I wanted to be appropriate, I guess my NOTD would be Frugalista but I only have 2 RBLs and Frugalista is not one of them. Anyway... Great glitter: magenta and blue floating in chartreuse. 4 coats, fairly smooth. Dries relatively fast. I love how dense this is. So blingy, it even comes through in a crappy iPhone pic!

I totally understand why there's a difference in tuition... but I do not appreciate having to call and email the Registrar's office repeatedly before I get ANY response as to how to count myself as a resident of this state so I don't have to pay THAT MUCH MONEY. Dude, I'm not doing a PhD to make money but I certainly wouldn't do it if it put me into that much debt!

(Many PhD programs pay for the education, if not living, of their students. Thank heavens because it's usually a four year minimum commitment.)

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Lucy said...

That's an awful lot of money to pay. I hope you can get everything straightened out. I so wanted to buy that polish. It is gorgeous! Someone had a dupe of this. I can't remember what it was. Looks fantastic on you.

daydream222 said...

Your school sounds like my school! I tried to get in-state residency but you have to live in the state for at least a year (without attending any schools) before you can be an in-state resident. Lame!

xfoxglove said...

wow. your nails look crazy long here!

i love the iNOTD, too! i'm going to have to do this tomorrow. :)

flinty said...

Lucy: DrFrankenpolish made a dupe of it, it's pretty amazing. :)

daydream222: oh that totally and absolutely sucks, especially since you're only doing one year!

xfoxglove: I don't know when that happened. Two months ago, my nails were short. ;) Seriously though, I think the iPhone camera distorts slightly from the center... my nails don't look that long IRL.

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