Sunday, September 20, 2009

Jennifer's Body and feminist philosophy

So today I do not have a NOTD for you as my nails are currently...*gasp!* naked! With my schoolwork being intensely overwhelming, I only have time to paint my nails once or twice a week now. Then, when they get chippy, I'd rather just remove the polish and wear a basecoat rather than live with chippy polish. Surprisingly, I've noticed that my nails have become surprisingly strong and less peely, which I am not entirely sure is due to the nakedness or not. I'm thinking that perhaps letting my nails' natural oils come out once a week is moisturizing them a tiny bit better than when I wear polish nonstop. But who knows?

I saw Jennifer's Body last night, which I highly recommend to anyone interested in feminist studies. Themes I noticed throughout the movie were female friendships (especially toxic teenage friendships), obsession, jealousy, insecurity, sexuality, growing up, horror, consumption, and devouring. I won't spoil the movie for anyone but I feel like I could write 2946946 pages of analysis just for this movie!

Anyway, throughout the entire movie the character of Jennifer (played by Megan Fox) wore this mani (bright pink with black middle fingers):

(Sorry for the tiny pic - it was all I could find!)

It kinda made me laugh that she wore this EXACT mani throughout the whole movie and it NEVER chipped, despite what she was doing! I kept wondering, does she just keep re-doing her mani or painting over the chips? Or does she have some kind of magical polish that never chips? Haha. :)

Regardless, the mani is cute and I think my mani for this week will be 3 fingers of MAC Beyond Jealous and 2 fingers of MAC Dry Martini.

What do you guys think of manis with multiple colors?

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Duffi said...

i've been seriously considering seeing this movie, though I'm not a fan of horror movies AT ALL. Since the two leads are female, I thought it would be very interesting. Do I really need to see it in the theatre? Will you remember your analysis in a few months when it's out on DVD? LMK, OK? Thanks!

daydream222 said...

It is definitely a female-centric movie!! It has some (not too many) aspects of horror and gore and jump-out scares in it, so depending on what you don't like about horror movies you may want to get it on DVD and fast-forward through those spots. :) I wouldn't say it's a movie you HAVE to see in the theatre but it is definitely a very interesting movie with very unique female leads/characters/dynamics going on.

I'm hoping I can tie this movie in with a paper for class so hopefully I'll have an actual analysis written out soon! :)

clockwork said...

That is a really cute mani, I often times like wearing a mani with all red with a black pinky or reverse of that, would be cuter with pink seeing that little pic though. Hmm, might have to see the movie after all. ^^

xfoxglove said...

i've been waiting to see this movie for a while. maybe i'll do a pink/black mani to go see it. :)

Lucy said...

I like the idea of having one finger different from the other. Maybe leave one unchipped finger from a previous manicre.

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